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Lucas Howard

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Director Gowariker has stated that it was almost impossible to make Lagaan. He went to Khan, who agreed to participate after hearing the detailed script. Khan had initially rejected the idea of a "sporty" film, but was "himself in tears" upon hearing the full dialogued script.[6] Even after securing Khan, Gowariker had trouble finding a producer. Producers who showed interest in the script wanted budget cuts as well as script modifications. Eventually, Khan agreed to Gowariker's suggestion that he would produce the film.[7] Khan corroborated this by saying that the faith he had in Gowariker, the story and script of the film,[8] and the opportunity of starting his own production company inspired him to produce Lagaan.[9] He also said that by being a producer himself, he was able to give greater creative freedom to Gowariker. He cited an example:

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