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Payment and fee

Fees for our service range per hour per child 


Care Fee - $8.70 per child per hour.

This fee included:

  • breakfast

  • snack 

  • Morning and afternoon tea

  • educational program 

The Co-ordination Unit will update fee every year and will inform our families in 2 weeks in advance


Our educator can set their fees for food, transportation, and late collection fees. The Co-ordination Unit will set the minimum and the maximum amounts to be charged.

Sunshine family daycare has an administration levy that is charged to families. This is an hourly rate, based on the number of hours each child is booked into care. The fees and charges will be reviewed annually.


The administration levy -  $2.50 per child per hour.

The service fee will be included in the fee schedule as a part of the enrolment process.

From 1st of July of company accept only EFP payments 

Fee and Charges

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Meals and travel

Sunshine family day care educator set their charges for meal and travel during registration process. This charges will included in the fee schedule and child care subsidies (CCS) do not applied for this fees

Absences and absence fees

  • All absences are charged at the normal rate. CCS is paid for 42 absences across all services per financial year. This includes public holidays, illness, curriculum days etc.

  • CCS can’t be claimed for absences taken for more than 6 consecutive weeks.

  • The number of Absence can be change due to COVID-19 Pandemic 

Booked Care

If you chose to use booked care with an Educator, your educator will always have these days and times available for you. You will also pay for this place even if you child is absent. This model of care provides certainty of care for parents who have a fixed work schedule. Changes can be made to your booking by providing a 2 weeks notice to your educator. The educator will submit changes through Harmony Web information system.

Casual Care

You will only pay for the days and times you use. There is no guarantee that an Educator will have this place available for you. If you find you are using the same days and times each week, we would encourage you to make a booking with your educator to ensure the place remains available for you.
We will encourage your provide the booking request in advance to ensure the space available with your regular educator. Families that use this model of care will often have multiple educators to ensure they can access care when they need it.

School holiday care

Children in before/after school care who also book school holiday care need to give educators notice if they will be absent. They must give one weeks’ notice before the school holidays start and will be charged the normal before/after school care fees. If they give less than a week’s notice, they will be charged for a full holiday care day.

Availability of educator

If the educator is unavailable to provide the care – no fee is charged


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