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Silas Carter

The Complete Collection of Dan Fogelberg's Music in FLAC Format: Where to Find and How to Play It

Tracy Schwartz was hired by Elektra Records in 1975, and he helped produce the first four Dan Fogelberg LPs. Over the years, the producers grew closer and more creative. The albums were recorded in Berkow and Schwartzs apartment (after living room set-ups in the studios) at a slow pace. The first six albums have some of the best-loved Fogelberg tunes, including the massive hits, \"And She Reminded Me\" and \"As Time Goes By.\"


During the later seventies, Steely Dan produced a body of work that went way beyond the pop-tinged material of its early singles. It was a time of experimentation, one that seemed just about irresistible. Here, Fogelberg continues that process, as the guitar-based Young Man With A Horn solo is juxtaposed with the funky B.B. King horn-line of Nighttime. (Reed)

Here's the contrast that so much of Steely Dan is based on: the band's early ballads are not only restrained and subtle in sound, they're also relatively unassuming. When the band flexed its instrumental muscles, it was often with riotous abandon. In the case of the title track, that means a riotous deconstruction, as Fogelberg does his best to shred the song's gorgeous melody. (Rogers)

By 1975, he was ready for another full-scale LP. Although its no longer in circulation, the Experiments in Morality album came out in 1977, a gorgeous album featuring everything from folk music to the avant-garde, but at heart, Fogelbergs still claim to be a rock & roll band, and there are several epic rockers. The cult started growing after release, and fans clamored to hear it. The album is incredibly dense, and even after many listens it is easy to miss a song, but hey, that does make listening so much more rewarding.The song that got me hooked on Dan was Dog Song. I played it all the time in the early 80s, and it wasnt on the album until years later. It has a slow, easy, laid-back feel, but it also has a sharp string riff that will stick in the throat. I probably discovered Dan through a bootleg and track of Dog Song, as I had just gotten my hands on Experiments in Morality, which I loved. I first heard Dan through bootlegs of Experiments in Morality and then got my hands on the first album, Thesis.


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