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Lucas Howard
Lucas Howard

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- you can fix the flickering mouse cursor by using the at the bottom of this thread : I just turned down the sensitivity in-game- you can fix the broken text by turning off ClearType in windows settings. If you're a lazy f** (like me), you can install karoplan's cleartype-switch program : and create a dirty .bat file that will turn off ClearType when launching shogo and back on once you're done. Here's mine (make sure to change the addresses) :"D:\outils\ClearType Switch\ClearTypeSwitch.exe" s+ c-"D:\jeux\Shogo - Mobile Armor Division\Shogo.exe"more:waittofinishtimeout /T 2 /nobreak >nultasklist /fi "IMAGENAME eq client.exe" /fo csv 2>NUL find /I "client.exe">NULif "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto waittofinishif "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" goto end:end"D:\outils\ClearType Switch\ClearTypeSwitch.exe" s+ c+

Shogo Mad No Cd Crack


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