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97 Mp4

The McLaren MP4/12 was the Formula One car with which the McLaren team competed in the 1997 Formula One World Championship. The chassis was designed by Steve Nichols, Neil Oatley and Henri Durand with Mario Illien designing the bespoke Ilmor engine. It was driven by Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard.

97 mp4

Externally, the car was a more streamlined and refined evolution of the previous year's MP4/11, with engines supplied by Mercedes-Benz for the third year of the Anglo-German alliance. Testing was carried out with the cars painted in the traditional McLaren orange, before a striking new silver livery was launched to celebrate the team's new sponsorship deal with West, replacing the red and white of Marlboro that the team had used since 1974.

During the season, F1 Racing photographer Darren Heath noticed that the rear brakes of the McLarens were glowing red in an acceleration zone of the track. The magazine discovered through photos of the inside of the cockpit, that McLaren had installed a second brake pedal, selectable by the driver to act on one of the rear wheels. This allowed the driver to eliminate understeer and reduce wheelspin when exiting slow corners, dubbed "brake steer". Ferrari's protestations to the FIA led to the system being banned the following season at the 1998 Brazilian Grand Prix.[2]

The team finally claimed the reward of a one-two finish at the season finale after the collision between Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve, although it was a contentious finish with many nodding to the fact that Patrick Head of Williams and Ron Dennis of McLaren had negotiations where Villeneuve would give up the lead if the McLarens made sure to steer clear from the troubled Williams. Regardless, this was Häkkinen's first win in F1 and was much celebrated by the F1 world which had been tipping him to win since he first out-qualified Senna in Portugal 1993. The win set him up with a good base to start his 1998 campaign, which he was able to win after a season-long battle with Michael Schumacher.

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The GIF file format is limited to supporting 256 colors. Therefore, it is more effective for scanned images such as illustrations. GIF can also be good for line drawings, black and white images, and small text that is only several pixels high. GIF also supports animation.

PNG was approved as a standard by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to replace GIF. PNG does not support animation as GIF does, and some older browsers do not support this file format. PNG supports transparent backgrounds.

A bitmap is a representation that consists of rows and columns of dots, of a graphics image in computer memory. The value of each dot (whether it is filled in or not) is stored in one or more bits of data.

A presentation outline as a text-only document that provides smaller file sizes and the ability to share macro-free files with others who may not have the same version of PowerPoint or the operating system that you have. Any text in the notes pane is not saved with this file format.

You can save PowerPoint files so they can be opened in presentation applications that use the OpenDocument Presentation format, such as Google Docs and Impress. You can also open presentations in the .odp format in PowerPoint. Some information might be lost when saving and opening .odp files.

A Web page as a folder with an .htm file and all supporting files, such as images, sound files, cascading style sheets, scripts, and more. Good for posting on a site or editing with Microsoft Office FrontPage or another HTML editor.

The GIF file format is limited to supporting 256 colors. Therefore, it is more effective for scanned images such as illustrations. GIF can also be good for line drawings, black and white images, and small text that is only several pixels high. GIF supports animation and transparent backgrounds.

You can also open these older file types, but only to read the file, not edit it. If you want to edit a file of this type, open it and then use File > Save a Copy to save the file as a .pptx that can be edited:

I am new to gstreamer and I want to stream a mp4 video which is having audio and video both from my Host(Ubuntu PC) to target board. I have successfully streamed only video. But streaming both(audio and video) is not happening.

As mentioned in the other answer, it is anyway the best strategy to not demux and split video and audio if it is desired to have a synchronized playback on the receiver side. Additionally, a container format that is streamable can also improve overall functionality.

My proposal is therefore to remux the data streams into MPEG2-TS and transport that via RTP. This has several advantages, like good re-synchronization after packet loss and that A/V always stays sync.

There is no easy way to stream in sync with gstreamer if you demux the video and audio stream on the sender side. Timestamp information is kept in the container (MP4 in this case), which is lost when demuxing.

Es wurde neben den Standard-Pedalen noch ein weiteres Bremspedal in den Wagen integriert. Dies erlaubte es dem Fahrer, beim Fahren eine Seite des Wagens manuell abzubremsen. Dadurch wurde Untersteuern ausgeglichen, man konnte in langsamen Kurven den Ausgang besser kontrollieren und auch mittels einseitigen Bremsens in eine Kurve lenken. Das System, entdeckt durch den Fotografen des GP-Racing-Magazins Darren Heath, wurde nach einem Protest von Ferrari für illegal erklärt und ab dem Großen Preis von Brasilien 1998 verboten.

Die Aerodynamik-Tests wurden im Windkanal von National Physical Laboratory abgehalten. Verantwortlich dafür war Henri Durand, der durch Phil Adey und Peter Prodromou unterstützt wurde. Unter anderem wurden Heck und Front überarbeitet. So wurde die Nase abgesenkt, um den Luftstrom besser über den Wagen zu leiten und den Motor besser zu kühlen.

Der Wagen gilt als Weiterentwicklung zum Vorjahresmodell MP4/11B und wurde am 14. Januar 1997 in Woking in der eigenen Fabrik präsentiert. Zu Saisonbeginn zeigte sich, dass der Bolide sehr vielversprechend war und konstante Podiumsplatzierungen im Bereich des Möglichen lagen, allerdings scheiterte es schlussendlich an der schlechten Zuverlässigkeit, schon am ersten Testtag musste Coulthard nach nur drei Kurven seinen Wagen wegen Benzindruckproblemen abstellen. Am folgenden Tag wiederholte sich das Szenario mit Häkkinen nach 14 Runden. Allein neun von insgesamt 14 Ausfällen während der Saison waren durch technische Defekte entstanden, davon sieben Ausfälle wiederum nur durch den Motor, drei Mal schied man gar in Führung liegend aus. Die Höhepunkte der Saison waren das erste sowie letzte Rennen der Saison, als beide Fahrer das Rennen auf dem Podium beendeten.

Erstmals seit 23 Jahren wurde ein McLaren nicht in den rot-weißen Farben des Hauptsponsors Marlboro lackiert. Der Wagen wurde aufgrund des neuen Motorenpartners Mercedes und neuen Hauptsponsors West in silber gehalten, wobei die Nasenoberfläche und der Heckflügel heller als der Rest war. Mit Ausnahme der seitlichen Kühler wurden der Rand des Wagens schwarz lackiert. Es existierten auf der Nase und dem seitlichen Kühler rote Akzente.

Hauptsponsor war seit diesem Jahr die Zigarettenmarke West. Ihr Logo wurde auf dem Heckflügel, der Nasenoberfläche, direkt neben dem Fahrer sowie am seitlichen Kühler platziert. Bei Rennen in Ländern, in denen ein Verbot von Tabakwerbung galt, blieben die entsprechenden Stellen auf den Fahrzeugen frei. Auf der Nase, dem Frontflügel und dem oberen Teil der Airbox befand sich das Logo des Treibstofflieferanten Mobil 1. Am Heck warb noch der Softwarehersteller SAP. 041b061a72


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