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Yuno Sykk is a famous criminal and bank hacker in Los Santos. Arriving to the city with few goals in mind, he has grown to be one of the most popular individuals in the city among criminals, civilians and law enforcers alike. Because of his amicable and sweet behavior, people enjoy his presence and are eager to spend time with him regardless of what he has in mind.

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Following their original adventures, and with all four members eventually getting into bank robbing, the group naturally developed the desire to rob a bank together, the opportunity arising after Yuno and Dundee robbed a Fleeca bank with Donnie Pecorino and Tony Corleone and successfully acquired a blue dongle. Deciding to use it in conjunction with Benji and X, the group quickly gathered together and messily prepared a simple, risky and very fun escape plan, changing clothes so that they all looked like various versions of Yuno and driving north towards Paleto. There, Yuno easily hacked the bank as X and Benji negotiated with the police, and soon they were all back in their car, with Dundee masterfully driving back to the city where he'd eventually lose seven cruisers and Air-1 in one of the last escapes in the city where the criminals managed to out-drive the police force.Making their way towards Grapeseed, the group of friends changed into four different cars and separated for the evening, all of them buzzing with energy and preparing to do more heists together. However, with Jean Paul's frequent cruises out of the city and the remaining members busying themselves with their own groups, the energy grew cold and was eventually shattered as X had to flee from the city, the dream of hitting the Vault together vanishing in thin air.While X was away, Yuno, Dundee and Benji would often recall their adventures together fondly, and often expressed bitterness over the fact that they could never have more adventures together.

With each member providing different resources and aiding the adventure financially as best as they could, the crew came up with a grandiose plan and soon started their adventure.Hitting a Fleeca bank in Sandy Shores (which Mickey hacked) and then Paleto (which was X's domain), the group drove in the middle of a thunderstorm towards the City Vault and Yuno conquered the entirety of the bank by himself in a series of one-shot hacks and thermites. With their loot secured, they then drove off to the side of a mountain and sent X's car into the ocean, got on a boat and sailed towards a military carrier, where they all got in water airplanes and flew away. With Yuno and X taking all the heat and getting shot at, X jumped off the airplane into the sea (where Lang later rescued him) and Yuno took it upon himself to lose Air-1 and the Bumblebee, getting to his car and rescuing the rest of the members so that they could all go to a clothing store and change. Driving to the Digital Den as the sun came out, the crazed robbers split their loot and discussed their next adventures.

Slowly losing his grip on reality as he tried to make any semblance of progress in the Diamond Casino heist, Yuno found himself climbing on top of the roof of the Vangelico store searching for anything new. Locating a power generator right on top of the jewelry store, the hacker decided to toss a few grenades towards it and was disappointed when the explosions proved fruitless. Then, as he made his way back to the closest staircase, Yuno found two curious individuals trying to thermite the powerbox for the jewelry store, one of them complaining about failing the thermite.

Friends with a lot of their members, and deeply admiring their skills and cool jackets, Yokai are the racing crew Yuno shows the most interest in joining. Occasionally asking about it, Yuno is set on improving his racing skills in order to obtain a formal invitation some day, much to the distaste of Tony Corleone. Because of his endless enthusiasm and evident determination to become a better racer, and after learning about his hacking skills, Mary Mushkin has started considering his recruitment.

After being let go, Yuno contacted both Ash and Annie and discovered that they were scared of him, for they believed he'd enjoyed everything too much. This, in addition to his friendship with Benji Ramos (Ash's partner), led Yuno to decide that he would rather avoid any involvement with the group. He, however continued being quite nice to them, still paying the "Block tax" without hesitation, and offering to hack for them after buying a stolen VPN from one of their associates, Hunter Skye, aka, Wingman, who Yuno slowly befriended.

Despite his initial disapproval of their generally violent nature, Yuno became friends with many of their members and associates, and used to engage in multiple heists and activities with one or more of them. He was also on their side during a gang war with the GSF when he was new to the city. Being particularly close to Randy Bullet and Ramee El-Rahman, Yuno used to be under the protection of the entire gang in most aspects; in turn, Yuno would often favor them and provide them with information whenever he could help them, such as warning them whenever a rival gang was about to hit a bank Chang Gang had been preparing for.However, despite the generally friendly relationship with the hacker, Chang Gang demonstrated on multiple occasions a relative animosity towards him and his crew, an attitude that slowly drove Yuno to wonder why his friends seemingly hated the Cleanbois so much. Regardless, he continued being friendly to them and slowly earned enough trust that Mr. K himself gifted him a Chang Gang chain, the likes of which the hacker would flaunt jokingly despite not actually being a part of the group and rarely hanging out with any of the members unless his twin sister, Ray Mond, and best friend April Fooze, were around.

Friends with Shelly Smith and Scruffy Doodle since before the group existed, Yuno once gifted Shelly with a gold bar he got at the Vault. The next day, he helped her sell it at the Fence to cover some of the money she lost after a big fine, product of an altercation she had at Rooster's Rest where she kidnapped clients and employees, killed a hostage and shot at police officers (details she didn't share with the hacker).It is unknown what their opinion about Yuno's loyalty to Lang Buddha is, and Yuno remains friendly with Scruffy. As for Shelly, she has been asked by Cassie Cupcake to kidnap Yuno to torture him together.

With a network of informants that reaches almost every faction in the entire city, Yuno is often presented with nearly unlimited amounts of information about the various events that happen every day in Los Santos. While most information tends to be relatively harmless and only provide the hacker a good chuckle, people like Riley Carter and Ursula Leichenberg tend to offer him interesting, noteworthy data about heist-related events and clues, which the hacker will easily piece together most of the time as preparation for proper field work.

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