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[S5E12] Come Home

Painless is a fifth season episode of House which first aired on January 19, 2009. At Cameron's urging, House and the team take on the case of a man living with such severe chronic pain that he tries to kill himself, unable to go on after living for years without a diagnosis or any relief from his suffering. As they try to determine whether the man's pain is psychosomatic or caused by a physical disease, parallels between the patient and House's experiences with excruciating, prolonged pain become apparent. When the patient again attempts suicide under the team's care, their search for answers becomes urgent. Meanwhile, Foreman and Thirteen explore their now complicated relationship as they work together on the Huntington's disease clinical drug trial. Cuddy finds that taking care of her newly adopted baby leaves her little time to run a hospital and baby-sit House at the same time. House finds a leak in his water pipes.

[S5E12] Come Home


House meets Cuddy at the hospital entrance when he comes in - she's usually there much earlier and he guesses her new baby made her late, but it was her administrative duties instead. House apologizes for not doing his budget, but Cuddy says Cameron did it for him so she would be owed a favor.

Cameron comes to him with patient - he's in chronic pain with no seeming cause. House thinks it's drug seeking behavior, but Cameron points out the patient had narcotics and didn't even use them to try to commit suicide. Cameron dismisses Thirteen's diagnosis of fibromyalgia and Taub's guess that it's mental illness. None of the patient's previous doctors have found anything wrong with him. House orders a pain assessment to rule out anything psychosomatic, and an environmental scan.

The team calls House at home, but he doesn't answer. He calls back and guesses they must be calling about a pulmonary embolism. It shows the pain isn't psychosomatic, but it isn't rhabdomyolysis either. House orders them to scan for tumors. He then notices his ceiling's leaking. He dries it with a towel on his cane, but when he pokes it with his cane the ceiling collapses and dumps water on him.

Foreman once again tries to talk Thirteen into having a relationship. She points out how unhappy the patient's family is. Kutner and Taub come in with the results which show that there's air near the patient's intestines. Kutner and Thirteen decide to do an angioplasty to find the blockages. House comes in to find his team believing they have solved the problem. However, House realizes the patient tried to inject air into a blood vessel to kill himself - the air they found wasn't a symptom. The patient admits he tried to kill himself again.

The patient loses most of his pain under anesthetic, but not all of it. A lawyer comes in with a bill for House sending out a threatening email about the insurance problem under his name. He promises a lawsuit if House does it again.

Wilson arrives at Cuddy's home with a big stuffed toy duck for Rachel. She tells him he passed the inspection. She's worried about trying to run the hospital and supervise House while also taking care of a baby. Wilson tells her she's not a superhero. Her standards are too high and he tells her to get more help both at work and at home.

The patient doesn't get better, so they put him back on pain medication. The wife confronts House about not having an answer. She thought House would understand because of his own pain, but instead he showed indifference. She pleads to have her husband discharged so he can finally go home and have it all be over. House agrees to discharge the patient.

They have moments when it seems like they're the pinnacle of communication, and then there are other times when it feels like they're holding back and burying things, and it'll build up until it becomes a huge thing.

At the end of the finale, Mike Prince and his right-hand-man strolls into Axe Capital and proclaims he is the new owner. Mike Prince informs Axe Capital staff that he comes from the private equity and venture world, but sees opportunities in equities. Chuck Rhoades goes to the Axe Capital office and swears off Mike Prince for betraying him.

But before Philip and Elizabeth can answer the age-old question, "Should we stay or should we go?" they still have to deal with their ongoing Morozov family mission, which has reached a major snag. Tuan's plan to get Pasha bullied to the point that Evgheniya will take him home to Russia isn't working: Pasha is coming home with black eyes, but Alexei isn't budging, and Evgheniya refuses to leave without her husband. Reminder: The Jennings are trying to get Evgheniya to go back to the USSR so she and her Moscow-bound CIA-employed lover can be blackmailed by the KGB.

We don't get much else other than a cozy family meal between Mischa, his uncle, his uncle's wife and his little cousin, but you get the sense that if the Jennings follow through on their plan to come home, perhaps this will be how Philip and Mischa finally meet. But then again, who knows? This narrative has plodded along a bit too slowly for my taste, so it's been hard to remain interested.

Welcome back, meth heads. Here you will find the recap and review for "Breaking Bad" S05E12, titled "Rabid Dog". Jesse is going all "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" on Rancho Depresso, and Walter White has shown off his acting chops in an epic frame-job confession video.

Huell shows up along with a door repair guy and a carpet-cleaning crew. Walt specifies that the locks on the door must not be changed. He hopes to have this all sorted before Skyler comes home. Because Skyler getting mad is his biggest concern right now.

Losing Lilly set him back. With Naomi he cannot reciprocate. He stays away maybe because he is still hurting, or maybe because he cannot come close to anyone this time around. We never really know how he feels about her. All we know is that he cares for her and his child. It is only in the farewell scene that Bochanan admits to any feelings for Naomi.

The worst was still to come. Stumbling around the hall, Lane parks in Joan's office. After hearing about an impending Easter vacation to either Bermuda or Hawaii ("Do you think there's a difference?") Lane spouts a vulgar Hail Mary of sorts, proclaiming: "I can picture you bouncing in the sand in an obscene bikini." Livid, Joan kicks him out. And we know that it's over.

When Lane comes home, presumably to tell his wife to pack her things since deportation is imminent, she surprises him with none other than a brand new Jaguar. Because he never gets anything for himself. In a perfect moment that captures the ethos of the era, she hands Lane (who she noted was drunk) the keys to drive them to dinner. He throws up.

4. When Don comes home, emotionally exhausted after discovering Lane's hanging body (which is how Don's brother died, too), he asks Glen, "If you could do anything, what would you do?" Glen's answer: Drive Don's car.

Episode 12 of The Rookie Season 5 starts with a Kelly Clarkson cameo in the police station elevator. Chen comes back home and lies to Tamara about where she was. Tamara tells her that she saw Bradford dropping her off. She tells Tamara that she is taking it slow with Bradford and they have not slept together yet. Tamara asks what is holding her back and points out there is no reason to wait if she knows how she feels.

As Nolan tries to reign Oscar in, Lopez and Harper start their stake out. Lopez is feeling under the weather and decides to get a pregnancy test which comes out positive. Harper tries to comfort her and assure her that it will all be okay.

The day ends with Lopez cancelling her date night with Wesley to continue surveilling Rivers. Harper gets angry at Lopez for lying to her when she spots Rivers with Elijah coming out of a club. She asks Lopez to get out of the car, she is angry that Lopez is ruining the whole case against Elijah. Harper is right, Elijah hired a private detective to follow Lopez and now he has probable cause to legally come after her.

Turns out, the new doctor, Acker is an impersonator, the lead doctor confesses that her family was taken, hostage. The kidnappers attacked her (lead doctor ) home last night and will only release her family if she kills Oscar during the surgery.

Lopez apologizes to Harper for lying to her. She admits she is scared that Elijah is coming for them. Harper assures her that she has got the case. Lopez goes home and tells Wesley that she is pregnant. Wesley is happy but scared too.

[ Boys and young men of starving homeless Highlanders then conscripted as canon fodder for British Army, where they died in much higher proportions than did their fellow (British) soldiers; eventually Highland Regiments and officers distinguished themselves as loyal and ferocious subjects, burning and killing Cherokee in 7 Years War. ]

Rick steps into a posh living room of Deanna Monroe in order to have a chat. He fills her in on his experiences after (and since) the outbreak while she films him for posterity. Deanna, a former Ohio Congresswoman, now resides in the planned community in Alexandria. It soon becomes apparent that the group has been living within the safety of their gates since the beginning, and Rick warns them against opening them to strangers. Andrew Lincoln has a great speech about the state of the world and the things he's had to do to survive in it. Deanna is more convinced than ever that this team of survivors will help her group survive as well. She wants their community to be a safe environment for their children to grow up, and she hopes that Rick's group will work out better than the last few she had to exile.

It looks like Rick has decided to trust Deanna at least for now, since his team checks in their myriad of weapons. While the other citizens give Rick & Co. some space, Aaron sets them up with a new house just down the street from his own. Rick and Carl open the door to their new (already decorated, thanks Pier1!) home and have a hard time shaking their long months spent quietly scoping out abandoned houses. As soon as Carl figures out that the water actually works, it's shave and shower time for Rick ... and boy does he look different! A neighbor named Samantha (Alexandra Breckinridge) stops by to cut Rick's hair, as you do. Daryl, meanwhile, is not so quick to acclimate, looking like a wild animal in Deanna's living room, and then gutting an actual wild animal on their new front porch. 041b061a72


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