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Buy Bike Basket

The perfect compartment for on the go! Make sure to put in all your little one's fluffy friends and toys on their next adventure. This classic woven basket is a must addition to all rider's on the go! This essential woven handlebar basket makes the cutest accent piece on your little rider's bike. Made with premium wicker, its solid composition can hold anything you need. Available in one size (20x14.5x12.5 cm/ 7.9x5.7x4.9 inches), this basket can be used on the NANO, MINI and GRANDE Balance Bikes as well as with any of our Classic bikes!

buy bike basket


Watch this short video to understand better how our helmets are designed and what you need to know before choosing the perfect one.Follow every step carefully to make sure you get the right measurements before buying a bike helmet.

Rear racks are designed to attach to the braze-on mounts that many bikes have. If your bike does not have braze-on mounts, you can still mount a rack using metal C clips included with the mounting hardware of most racks. These clips wrap around your bike's frame tubes and accept the lower mounting bolt.

A front rack offers an additional mounting spot for gear. It is a secondary option after a rear rack as it adds weight to the bike's front wheel and can affect steering and balance. Front racks are popular mostly with touring cyclists who carry large volumes of gear.

Cargo trailers typically attach to the rear hub of your bike. A trailer can be used on its own or with front and rear racks, depending on how much you need to carry. Some riders prefer the feel of having the weight off of the bike frame and therefore choose to pull a trailer rather than carry everything on front and rear racks.

Named after the French word for baskets, panniers offer roomy storage, protection from weather and the ability to quickly disconnect from a rack on your bike so you can take your gear with you. They attach to racks using a simple system of spring-loaded hooks, clips or bungee cords. They can be used singly or in pairs, and are designed specifically for front or rear racks.

Also called a seat bag, saddle bag or underseat bag, this fits under your bicycle seat and usually attaches to the rails of the saddle itself. Larger models can carry a few extra items. Keep this mounted to your bike to ensure you never leave home without the essentials.

Rack trunks are smaller than panniers but larger than seat bags, making them a happy medium for carrying extra clothing, bike tools and lunch. Many have plastic sheets to reinforce the base area and retain the shape of the bag. Packing is simplified by some sort of pocket system or divided storage. Some trunks even offer integrated raincovers.

Most frame bags attach to the top tube of your bike and are sized to keep food, phones, tools and other essentials within easy reach. Larger frame bags for bikepacking and touring can hold hydration reservoirs.

Some bags adjust via compression straps or expandable collars. This allows you to carry loads of varying sizes without having the unused portion of the bags flapping in the wind or the load shifting as you move on your bike. uses cookies to analyze and improve the use of this website. and third parties use cookies to collect information about your visit to this website and your personal interests, for example to show you customized ads. By clicking "Hide this notification" or by continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies.

Give your two wheels an instant style upgrade with the ultimate bike accessory: the bicycle basket. Our bright and beautiful bike baskets and children's bike baskets are designed in-house by The Basket Room and hand woven from local veta vera grass in Northern Ghana. Looking for something unique to treat your trusty bicycle? We now have a stunning range of one off designs in a mix of our classic rectangle and oblong shape! Be quick, these are only made once so when they are gone, they're gone!

The Basket Room creates beautiful collections of handwoven, decorative storage baskets for the home. Woven with stunning colours & unique patterns, we work with small craft collectives in Africa to bring you ethical, stylish accessories with a story.

The bike was good at first, when it ran. The battery went out before 6 months, but they did send me a new one. The main problem is (they told me it was water proof, not submersible, but resistant)(I called them to verify this) THE BIKE QUIT WORKING. I TOOK THE MOTER APART AND IT WAS COVERED IN RUST. I WAS UNABLE TO FIX IT AND COULD NOT AFFORD TO GET IT FIXED. SO I NOW HAVE A VERY HEAVY LAWN ORNAMENT. I don't know if you can see in the pictures, but there are burn marks in the motor. ??

Myself & my Tornado we're recently ran over by an SUV 1/25/2023 absolutely incredible solid build on this Tornado putting myself & bike back together ECOTRIC has been supplying me with the rebuild parts 1 being this 160 break rotor what can I say 'Perfect' fit no break pad rubbing!!! Rear wheel coming soon & me n my Tornado will be back on the road/ trail thanks ECOTRIC ? Paul H/ S.W Florida

Our elegant handwoven bike baskets come in S,M,L and a cacophony of incredible colours and patterns to enlighten your peddle travel just a wee bit more. Leather and brass details finish these baskets, the ultimate in artisanal biking luxury. Born to ride indeed!

We've narrowed down the best bike carriers for pets in a comprehensive bike carrier buying guide. Read on below to find out our top five picks, along with our two primary choices. Depending on the size of your dog or cat, you may be able to utilize one of these for extra storage space on your morning commute.

To ensure the best fit, we'd recommend measuring your dog and taking a look at the measurements of the basket prior to purchase. This will help ensure your pet isn't cramped or uncomfortable during rides. The basket should also have security features in place to prevent them from jumping out and hurting themselves.

They can also help older pups or animals recovering from an illness get outside and have some exposure to fresh air by being in a secured basket while you take them with you. This could allow you to either transport them to the vet or get them outside without them having to expend energy themselves.

With dimensions of 13.78 x 8.27 x 9.45, the CoFit detachable bike basket comes off your bike easily and can serve multi-functional uses as a pet basket or pet carrier or extra storage space for groceries or personal items when commuting.

The Travelin K-9 pet pilot MAX is another great choice and much more secure for medium-sized dogs compared to other models. This basket is specifically designed with pets in mind and features a sturdy steel frame and mounting system.

At 4.4 pounds, this basket is a little heavier than others, but customers make note that they were able to put heftier dogs (18-20 pounds) in the basket with ease, and they were secure and safe, with plenty of room to spare. The ample storage room and larger holding weight are the main selling point of this basket over the competitors.

Allowing for a comfortable ride for your pet, the CoFit is well-designed, affordable, and comes with enough security features for you to feel safe leaving your pet inside the basket while riding or commuting.

So, you need a basket for your bike. You can always purchase one at your local bike shop, but where is the fun in that? You can save money, have fun and add a personal touch to your bike by making your own bike basket.

Whether you have a basket laying around the house or you find a really cute one at the local thrift store, there are some easy ways to take any basket and make it into an attractive, practical bike basket.

I went to the local thrift shop to find a basket. There were plenty of baskets that would have looked great on my Liv Suede. I purchased a couple to make sure I had one that would fit well on my bike. I decided to go with a nice wicker picnic basket for $4. I liked that it had a lid that locked. Not only will my things be hidden if I need to run errands on my bike, but it will also prevent anything from jumping out of my basket!

2. Metal Struts/ Support for Your Basket. You can find struts made specifically to support a basket on your bike. Your local bike shop might have extra struts lying around. If they do, snag them up! You also might be able to find these at a thrift shop with an old bike or with an old bike basket. If the part you want is attached to a bike the thrift store, you can usually convince the sales person to sell you the part you want, if you have the tool to remove it and offer them a good portion of the overall bike sale for that one item.

If you cannot find struts for your basket, you can make them! Head on over to the home improvement or hardware store and purchase flat aluminum strips that are pre-cut to 3 ft long and 1/16 in- 1/8 in thick (about .9 meters long and 1.6-3.2 mm thick).

3. Zip Ties. To attach your basket to your handle bars and the struts, zip ties will come in handy. Zip ties are strong, but if you want to make your basket prettier, you can grab some ribbon to tie over the zip ties.

4. Bolts. If your bike has tabs above the front axle with bolt holes, then you will need bolts to attach your metal struts to the bike. Find bolts at your local bike shop or hardware store that will fit these holes. If your bike does not have tabs to attach a front rack, then you will be using the axle to hold the struts onto your bike.

Get started. Go ahead and attach your basket to the handlebars using a zip tie. My basket has a lid, so I needed to make sure the basket was placed high enough so the lid would still open. Thread the zip tie through the wicker or whatever openings you have in the side of the basket you are using. Loosely fasten the basket to the handlebars. Do not cinch the zip tie down super tight yet. First, make sure the basket is not interfering with shifting cables, brake cables or the steering of your bike. Once you determine your basket is in a safe position, lock it in with the zip tie. 041b061a72


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