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Buy Christmas Tree Singapore

And with over 50 different styles of pre-lit Christmas trees, pre-lit Christmas wreaths, and pre-lit Christmas garlands, Balsam Hill strives to offer a high quality product to satisfy any holiday style. Show Less

buy christmas tree singapore

Want to make your home look more festive this Christmas season? Then put down that vacuum cleaner and forget about Marie Kondo-style minimalism. All you need is to stick a bauble-filled Christmas tree in your living room.

This price guide will help you understand the market price of Christmas trees in 2021 and help you decide whether you should just get a second-hand plastic tree on Carousell. (Unless otherwise stated, all prices are inclusive of GST.)

Their five- to six-feet (1.52m to 1.83m) Fraser fir Christmas trees, sold without a stand, are not only reasonably tall (at least for those of us of average or below-average height), but are also of a Canadian variety that is supposedly quite good looking due to its straight horizontal branches.

The nursery offers four- to five-ft (123cm to 152cm) Nordmann fir trees for $112.15, sold without a stand. If you prefer the look of Noble fir trees, which look denser and more compact, those within the same size range are going for $195.

Rather than evicting one of your household members in order to accommodate a tree, go for a tabletop Christmas tree workshop on Dec 17 and learn to make your own tiny tree. Each two-hour workshop costs $150.

For those who are less hands-on, you can simply go with a Christmas wreath adorned with classic berries for $135. Or for the really economical, get a small bouquet of nobilis fir branches for $25 and pass them off as a table-top Christmas tree.

Another relatively sustainable option is to buy a small potted fir tree. Nurseries like Far East Flora often sell varieties that can survive all year round and will hopefully still be alive by next Christmas.

Their hyper-realistic Christmas trees are German Engineered with immensely dense fir and easy-open branches. You can choose exactly what you need too! Masons Home Decor offer 7 unique types of Christmas trees in 4 different heights, slim or wide - they indeed have it all!

While the tree can be left unadorned with its elegant matt tinsel foliage, why not spend some time bonding with your loved ones as you decorate the tree? Further accent your Christmas trees with some of the most adorable baubles. Kids would love the Swedish Gnome Bauble A (S$5.90) with its bushy beard and a striped red hat or you could get the classic Iantha Bauble Set in White Gold (S$89) to complete the modern look.

Some of the most popular department stores for Christmas decorations are Takashimaya, Robinsons, and Isetan. They usually have a wide range of ornaments, lights, and trees to choose from. They also tend to offer promotions and discounts during the festive season, so it's a good time to stock up on your decorations.

Cold Storage has grown from a little cold store to a local icon, delivering quality and rare items from across the world to Singaporeans. The supermarket isn't only for food; you can also buy Christmas trees there.

You don't need an excuse to visit Ikea's two locations, but with Christmas approaching, the Swedish furniture retailer will be stocked with delights from its Winter collection to help you decorate your house. Consider little Christmas trees, fairy lights, themed pillows, candle displays, wreaths, and hanging star mobiles for your table.

Feeling creative and looking for something unique to spruce up your home this Christmas? We've got the perfect places for you! Online websites like Amazon, Etsy, Shopee, and Taobao offer a treasure trove of unique decorations from around the world. You can get your hands on all kinds of festive florals, trees, knick-knacks, fairy lights and more.

If you're looking for something traditional and classic, then head on over to The Victorian Trading Co., which offers a wide range of traditionally themed decorations such as nativity sets, Santa Claus cutouts or even a life-size Santa! You can find everything from tree decorations to stockings here.

A modest, little store along Geylang Road, Lim Hock Swee Christmas Tree & Decorations Trading Co (as its name suggests) specialises in seasonal decor. Bursting with technicolour knick knacks, the homespun shophouse offers a diversity of eccentric baubles, ornamental pine cones, garlands, inflatable snowmen, banners and Christmas trees.

For fancier options, Crate & Barrel offers glass drop ornaments, adorable hand-knit bibelots, ceramic Christmas trees, and exquisite berry wreaths that add a rustic touch to any interior. Its more affordable range of decorations include individual ornaments priced at S$2.85, and a set of two tree ramekins that cost S$20.85.

Christmas decorations are understandably complicated. With a myriad of ornament options to pick from, it can be a hassle to decorate the house in time for Christmas. Tidings provides you a priceless sense of convenience that is also reasonable affordable. Starting from S$155, its wallet friendly bundle comes with an organic Christmas tree that is complemented with a tree topper, an assortment of Christmas decorations and an LED light. To further top it off, delivery is free.

As far as their Christmas trees are concerned, they offer hyper-realistic Christmas trees of different types and sizes. Whether you prefer wide or slim trees, you have the option to choose the best one according to your preferences and budget.

And speaking of budget, you can already purchase your tree as early as now to enjoy discounted rates. When you take these discounts into consideration, they easily have one of the most affordable Christmas trees on the island!

Apart from that, we also like the fact that the shop has a large variety of ornaments and decorations. While there are bundles that you can get along with your tree, we highly recommend checking out their individual products so you can customise your tree.

From the get-go, you can tell that Henry Christmas is a one-stop shop for all your Christmas decorating needs, from trees to ornaments. Not only that, but there are also timber carvings of nativity sets, as well as life-sized Santa or snowman figures.

Similar to most shops on this list, they have a pretty wide range of Christmas trees in different sizes, colours, and types. We like the fact that their trees are easy to assemble, since the branches are already hinged to the trunk.

If you decide to take this route, you have the option to ask them to deliver your fully decorated tree right to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can also have your order delivered in boxes, just in case you prefer to decorate your tree by yourself.

Aside from flower arrangements, Craftway Floral also has a Christmas catalogue, one that features a large selection of Christmas trees and flowers, decorated christmas trees, garlands and wreaths, and even ornaments.

Dazzle Decor is an online store for all your Christmas needs. With its wide range of decorations, artificial christmas trees and other diverse products, they are sure to have just what you need for the perfect Christmas.

The store specialises in artificial Christmas trees and offers customers the opportunity to buy their own or rent a unit. The rental Christmas trees can come pre-decorated, saving customers time during the holidays.

Most Christmas tree suppliers have a professional tree disposal service. Make sure to check with them prior to ordering. Otherwise, you can also cut the tree in parts if you wish to dispose of it on your own. Instead of sending your trees to a landfill, we highly recommend dropping them off at local recycling centres or parks with recycling initiatives such as Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

They have a distinct expertise in the Christmas tree decorating and they will even go out of their way to advise customers on which tree would suit their needs the most. What stands out about Vanda Win is that having been in the industry for such a long time, they know exactly what would suit your needs the most and are able to render quality service and helpful guidance to customers. Their trees are easy to assemble, as the branches are already hinged to the trunk so for those who find it too much of a hassle, you might want to check it out! They also have everything Christmas related that you would need to decorate for the holiday season such as wreaths, ornaments, garlands, wreaths and even christmas flowers.

The great thing about Prince Landscape is that they offer free delivery, setting up and dismantling of your Christmas trees. They also ensure that customers are well aware of the safety hazards that come with owning a Christmas tree, and their excellent customer service will answer any queries that you need. Their portfolio consists of many name brands that they have collaborated with such as the Ritz Carlton and Shangri La Hotel so you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the end result should you be looking for a Christmas decorator for your home.

The festival of Christmas brings with it the joy of decorating homes that bring in the festive cheer. The Christmas tree is an important element of festival decoration, which is adorned with colorful and attractive Christmas symbols. Browse online our wide collection of beautiful Christmas trees to send your loved ones in Singapore and make their celebrations merrier.

Christmas is a festival celebrated with enthusiasm in most countries. It's hard not to get swept up in the Christmas spirit when homes, markets, churches, and streets are illuminated with Christmas trees and fairy lights. The Christmas Tree is the star of each home during the celebrations. The first account of Christmas trees as we know it today is from 16th Century Germany when a group of Christians brought decorated trees inside their homes. Today, they have become classic symbols of Christmas cheer and hope throughout the world. Decorating the tree with lights and ornaments is an enjoyable activity that brings families and friends together. They're not only great for homes, but also wonderful as gifts and lovely additions to offices and stores. Artificial Christmas trees have emerged as excellent replacements for fresh trees. They are beautiful, sustainable choices that can be stored and used year after year. 041b061a72

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