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[S2E12] Girls Like That

At Constance, Blair and Serena are discussing the upcoming Snowflake Ball. Blair insists Serena help her go through the list of guys who want to go with Blair to the ball, although Serena doesn't want to. Chuck approaches the girls and asks which short term date is the winner. Blair asks why he doesn't think she wants something more, and he calls it a hunch. She lists the guys on the list and he finds faults with each of them. Serena spots Dan and shows him her present for Aaron for Hanukkah: a first edition Herter Norton copy of Letters To A Young Poet. He asks if that means Aaron said yes to going to the Snowflake Ball and Serena says no but that she's still planning on going anyway. Dan says he's going too, and the two can hang out. He asks Serena if Aaron is okay with them hanging out, and she says he is and mentions how his ex Lexi is coming to town. She invites Dan to come to the gallery with her and the two set off.

[S2E12] Girls Like That

Dan and Serena arrive at the gallery and overhear Aaron's ex Lexi criticizing Serena and the photos Aaron took of her. Aaron introduces Dan and Serena to Lexi. Meanwhile, Nate and Vanessa are hanging out and he asks her to come to the Snowflake Ball with him. She says she would love to, but it's maybe not such a good idea. Nate guesses that she hasn't told Jenny they're dating, and says that it doesn't matter since she blew him off and clearly doesn't care. Vanessa, knowing why Jenny hadn't talked to Nate, asks what would happen if he found out Jenny still liked him. He says he's really happy and doesn't want to ruin things. In the background, a girl takes a picture of them kissing. Back at the loft, Penelope asks Jenny whatever happened with her and Nate. Jenny says nothing ever happened, and Penelope reveals that she's planning on asking Nate to the ball. A Gossip Girl blast comes in, with the photo of Vanessa and Nate, and both girls are shocked.

Vanessa goes to the loft to invite Jenny to get pizza with her and Jenny confronts her about lying and seeing Nate behind her back. Vanessa apologizes, and Jenny yells that she knew why Nate wasn't calling. The two argue and Vanessa storms out. At the Waldorf penthouse, Chuck goes to see Blair. He proposes that they find each other dates to the ball to see who knows the other better and Blair agrees. They decide the stakes are that if Chuck likes his date, Blair gets his limo for a month and that if Blair likes her date, Chuck gets Dorota.

On the tour, Serena tells the group how Aaron agreed to take her to the ball. Lexi hints to Dan that she would like to go, and he asks her. Aaron asks Serena if she's okay with Lexi coming. She admits it's a bit weird, but she's fine with it. Aaron then mentions how Lexi sleeps with guys on the first date, and Serena begins to get jealous. At the VDW penthouse, Chuck runs into Bart leaving for Miami. He tells Bart that he's surprised he's leaving when things are so bad with Lily, but Bart blames Chuck for their problems and leaves. Jenny brings Penelope's finished dress to her apartment, when she tells her to leave. Hazel, who is also there, tells her to tell her friend Vanessa not to fish in their pond, and Jenny says Vanessa is not her friend. Penelope is explaining how they were just discussing how to send her a message when Isabel comes out wearing a see through dress. Jenny reveals how Vanessa is going to the ball with Nate. Penelope mentions how Isabel's dress looks a little like Jenny's, and Jenny replies that she knows about lining. Penelope asks what if she didn't, hinting towards a way to humiliate Vanessa.

Blair and Serena are hanging out and she confidently tells Serena how she knows every inch of Chuck and will be able to locate the perfect girl. Serena says that seeing your ex wit someone else is never easy, and Blair asks how her lame date was the night before. She explains that Lexi and Dan are going to the ball together and that she tends to sleep with guys on the first date. Blair discovers Serena and Aaron haven't slept together yet and says that while it's okay to wait, Dan and Lexi will have sex regardless. Jenny goes to see Vanessa at the gallery and presents her with the see through dress. She says it's a peace offering and Vanessa accepts the dress. Meanwhile, Blair is directing Dorota finding Chuck's date. All the girls she finds are not acceptable and Dorota says the girl Blair thinks is Chuck's perfect match is her, but Blair insists that the right girl hasn't been found yet. Dan and Serena talk and he asks if she's sure it's okay. She's vague, and tells him she'll just see him later. Aaron shows up and Serena gives him the green light to have sex that night. In Brooklyn, the dress fits Vanessa perfectly. She admits to Jenny that she has always been jealous of Jenny and Dan because growing up, they seemed to have everything. She's about to say more when Nate calls and Jenny leaves. Vanessa answers and tells Nate she has to talk to him about something.

Blair (on Aaron): He's hot and you actually like him! How often do you find that in the same guy? You want to wait, that's fine, but in the meantime, Dan is going to take a ride on the Lexicoaster.

What's going down?Puck contemplates what he has learnt from life so far. 1. Never punch a cop in the face. 2. You can't choose love, love chooses you. The latest object of his affections is Lauren. In order for her to join Glee, he gave her 'seven minutes in heaven' and has been hooked even since. Unfortunately for him, Lauren's conclusion afterwards was that he wasn't very good and was "kinda scrawny". It's almost Valentine's Day and he's determined to win her over. It's not looking like it's going to be easy, though, due to the barrage of insults she sends his way.Since the football team won the Conference Championship, Finn is once again Mr Popularity andhe sure is happy about it, especially since all the ladies now want him. Who will he choose to be hisvalentine? Well, he already has his heart set on winning Quinn again, "Maybe the reason it didn'twork out with Rachel was because I was never over Quinn," he contemplates. He decides that he'llbe able to steal her from Sam if only he can get her to kiss him again.

Whilst Kurt is being all cynical about Valentine's Day, Blaine admits that it's his favourite holiday and that he's just a "hopeless romantic". He's decided that this year he's going to do something "really radical". He admits to Kurt that there's a guy he likes, who despite only knowing him a little while, he thinks his feelings are starting to change into something a little deeper. How is he going to reveal this? Through song, of course. It seems obvious that from that speech and the fact that he knows Kurt's coffee order that it might just be he who is the object of Blaine's affections.At Glee, Schue wants the club to pair up and sing a song to each other especially for Valentine's Day. In other words he wants them to find "the world's greatest love song". Finn takes the opportunity to point out that a whole week has gone by without any of the club getting slushied and says it's all thanks to him leading the football team to victory. He also tells them that he's setting up a kissing booth in order to raise money for the club. "Don't even act like you wanna help Glee club out, you just wanna kiss a bunch of girls," quips Mercedes and Santana is equally scathing. Finn asks her if she ever gets tired of putting other people down. She says she doesn't and that's why everyone loves her. "Actually, you're just a bitch," says Lauren. Ouch.

At Glee it's time for the first of the love songs as Puck performs "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen, inhonour of Lauren. I thought you were meant to be wooing her, Puck? Not offending her. Santanalooks rather angry once she realises that there's something going down between the two. WhenPucks asks Lauren's opinion, she tells him, "That's the first time anyone has sung me a love song and it made me feel like crap."At Finn's kissing booth, all the girls in McKinley are going wild. Quinn corners him and says she knows he's only doing it because she's the only girl in school who won't kiss him. The pair share a flirty exchange but she insists she won't kiss him. Poor Sam catches this and susses that there's something going on between Finn and his girlfriend. Sam goes to the library to confront Quinn about it but she simply brushes it off, saying that Sam is the only boy for her. Yeah, right, Quinn. He says it's odd, though, that she hasn't kissed Finn yet. The two argue before it's agreed after rehearsal she kisses Finn.

Artie and Mike are discussing how unlikely it was that the pair of them would end up dating "twoof the raddest girls in school". Mike doesn't know how they did it; Artie does - it's becausethey're "dope". Cue the pair performing "PYT" by Michael Jackson moving from school corridor tochoir room, where everyone is up on their feet.Santana has bought herself some Valentine's Day bling and hands Puck the receipt, saying he canreimburse her for it and take her out to dinner to Breadsticks. She tells him that she'll stop beinga bitch, for example she "won't tell Lauren to look out for poachers who might mistake her for theendangerEd White rhino". Unfortunately for her, Lauren overhears and once Santana makes a fewtoo many bitchy comments, Lauren throws her around the corridor a bit. Well, let's be honest, shehad it coming to her. "Please go out with me. Just please," Puck begs Lauren after witnessing thefight. "You make a formal presentation and I'll consider it."

At Glee, Santana is feeling left out amongst all the couples. "How is this possible? I'm the hottestpiece of action at this school and here I am, it's nearly Valentine's, and I'm single." When Finn walks into the room she notices he and Quinn giving each other the eyes and realises that they've been fooling around. After all, she's bound to know what cheating looks like as she does it all the time. She vows to get revenge. To do so she goes to the nurse's office, finds someone with Mono, kisses him and then kisses Finn. She hopes if he does hook up with Quinn then she'll get it too. Santana, on the other hand, has had Mono so many times that it's turned to Stereo apparently.Puck and Lauren are in the library, probably the first time he's actually stepped inside one. He's stilltrying to win over her but she says singing her an "offensive song" just doesn't quite cut it. "I don'tthink you're ready for this jelly," she tells him. In a somewhat romantic gesture, he pulls out a plastic ring, gets down on one knee and asks her if she'll go to Breadsticks with him tomorrow night. "I like your style, Puckerman, I dine at 8." 041b061a72


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