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"Connect" Episode 1....()

Episode 1Princess Connect! Re:Dive AnimeEpisode InfoEnglish NameThe Adventure Begins Sautéed Mushrooms at SunsetRomajiBōken no Hajimari Yūyake Sora ni Kinoko no SotēEpisode DetailsSeason1Episode No.1Air dateApril 6, 2020WriterTakaomi KanasakiDirectorTakaomi KanasakiEpisode guideNextEpisode 2Episode 1 (Anime) is the first episode of the anime adaptation.

"Connect" Episode 1....()

How hard is it to collaborate? From the outside, it looks like doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers do it all the time. But from the inside, biases, attitudes, and the unspoken medical hierarchy can make it challenging for true collaboration to take place. In this episode, Asma will be discussing these social barriers with Dr. Hossein Khalili. They will be exploring his ground-breaking research in the area and the future of interprofessional education

By the Time We Realized It, It Had Already Begun (気づいた時には始まっていたという話, Kizuita Toki ni wa Hajimatteita toiu Hanashi) is the first episode of the anime series.By the Time We Realized It, It Had Already BegunInformationSeason1Episode1Air dateJuly 8, 2012OpeningParadigm (TV version)Kimochi Signal (Blu-ray edition)EndingKokoro no KaraEpisode GuidePreviousNextN/AEpisode 2

The episode begins as a usual morning for Yamaboshi High students, Taichi, Iori and Inaba, but unbeknownst to them, something strange has occurred for their friends, Yui and Aoki.

A Story That Began As We Realized It (気づきを与えられて始まったという話, Kizuki o Ataerarete Hajimatta toiu Hanashi) is the eleventh episode of the anime series.A Story that Began as We Realized ItInformationSeason1Episode11Air dateSeptember 16, 2012OpeningN/AEndingSalvageEpisode GuidePreviousNextEpisode 10Episode 12

The episode begins with Taichi and Inaba frantically searching for someone amongst the New Years festivities. With them are two young girls, one resembles a kindergarden-aged Iori and the other, an elementary school Yui. The two children continuously parrot everything Taichi and Inaba say, to the latter's annoyance. Suddenly, what appears to be a child-version of Aoki races towards the group, proudly declaring he found some takoyaki. Inaba punishes the child Aoki for his recklessness but then affectionately feeds an embarrassed Taichi a takoyaki.

In "Connect" episode 1, Ha Dong Soo felt a strange feeling around his eye but when he opened it he is seeing a different vision which made him think if he is connected with the person who received his eye.

Star Trek: Discovery heads into its mid-season break with the strongest episode of Season 4 since its premiere, an hour that puts Burnham and Book at odds over foundational questions about the very things the Federation and Starfleet try to do and be. This is, not for nothing, my absolute favorite kind of Star Trek, a story about the necessary, inescapable conflicts between hope and pragmatism, philosophy and realism, politics and practicality.

Connect is all about sharing resources and building connections among agricultural educators. For each episode, we'll be publishing a set of show notes, which are written accounts of what happened during an episode and additional resources that take the content one step further. These additional resources may include links to articles mentioned during the episode, guest speaker bios, links to resources, photos, or videos.

Episode Transcript Episode 1 - Getting Started with the NAAE My Local Cooperative Instructional Modules In this episode, listeners can learn more about one of NAAE's newest initiatives called My Local Cooperative. Our host is joined by Mr. Wes Crawford, an NAAE member and agricultural educator from Oregon, and Ms. Nanci Lilja, the President of the CHS Foundation, to discuss the importance of incorporating cooperative education into your curriculum. The episode digs into the three My Local Cooperative Instructional Modules and discusses CHS Foundation resources and tools available to agricultural educators and agricultural education students.

For the second episode of Connect, a podcast by the National Association of Agricultural Educators, we're digging deep into Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE). CASE is one of the most powerful tools available for the advancements of agricultural education and the enhancement of student learning in our profession. Our host is joined by two CASE Master Teachers, Ms. Karen Van De Walle of Iowa and Mr. Carroll Mercer of Arkansas, who share their passion for CASE and how it's transformed not only their classroom but their personal and professional lives as well.

A big thank you to Ms. Karen Van De Walle of Sumner-Fredericksburg High School in Sumner, Iowa and Mr. Carroll Mercer of Fountain Lake High School in Hot Springs, Arkansas for sharing their passion and experiences with CASE in the second episode of NAAE's Connect podcast.

We'd like to thank Mrs. Amanda Twenter of Eldon Career Center in Missouri, Mr. Melvin Phelps of Lowville Academy in New York, and Guest Co-Host Mr. Parker Bane, current NAAE President, for joining us for this episode of Connect.

We would again like to state this episode of Connect is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Any serious or major lifestyle changes should be made only in consultation with your physician.

Part 2 of Nutrition, Energy, and Ag Teacher Wellness will air on Monday, September 14. Alan and Parker will be joined by Ms. Ginny Reddick, a nutrition and wellness coach for individuals, groups, and organizations. Make sure to subscribe to Connect on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play to get instant notifications when we release new episodes.

In this episode, we're keeping the conversation going with the second part of our two part series related to nutrition, energy, and ag teacher wellness. Our host is joined by our guest co-host and current NAAE President, Mr. Parker Bane, as they meet with Virginia (Ginny) Reddick, a nutrition and wellness coach. Ginny shares practical ways that can help you make a difference in your diet and lifestyle, such as eating consistently throughout the day, and carrying a water bottle, along with other ways to help you take care of your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

In the sixth episode of Connect, we're having an open conversation about the importance of creating a safe and inclusive classroom learning environment for all students, and more specifically in agricultural education. We want to make sure that our classrooms are places where all students feel welcome, safe and celebrated as their true authentic selves.

We'd like to thank Riley Hintzche and Sabrina Stearns-Davis for joining us for this episode of our podcast, and for the important work they do in ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment for their students every day.

We'd like to thank Kim O'Byrne and Jesse Faber for joining us for this episode of our podcast. We'd also like to thank and recognize the amazing agricultural educators across the United States who are working diligently every day to serve their students and better our schools and communities.

We'd like to thank Mr. John Hammond and Ms. Brianne McCauley for joining us for this episode of Connect. We would also to thank the additional 2021 CASE Course Lead Teachers who are working behind the scenes to ensure the 2021 CASE Institutes are as powerful and successful as they can possibly be.

NAAE maintains an extensive awards program to recognize the accomplishments of our many talented and dedicated members. We are proud to offer awards and scholarships for agricultural educators in every stage of their careers, from scholarships to lifetime achievement. In this episode, we're chatting with Mrs. Melanie Block, agricultural educator at Ravenna High School in Ravenna, Michigan, and Mr. Darren Swartz, agricultural educator at Bloomer High School in Bloomer, Wisconsin. Melanie and Darren have both been able to successfully grow their agricultural education programs through the years, and have both taken advantage of the many awards and programs that NAAE has to offer.

We'd like to thank Mrs. Melanie Block and Mr. Darren Swartz for joining us for this episode of Connect. We'd also like to thank the many sponsors of the NAAE Awards and Scholarship Program who help make these opportunities possible for our members.

The 2020-2021 school year has taught us the importance of practicing self-care and stress management as agricultural educators. In this episode, we're interviewing Dan Tricarico. Dan is an educator, consultant, and author of two books; The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Focus in the Classroom and Sanctuaries: Self Care Secrets for Stressed-Out Teachers, which is the book that the NAAE Virtual Book Club is focusing on this summer. In this episode, Dan shares words about helping you create focus, simplicity, and tranquility to help you take better care of yourself and better serve your students.

According to the World Health Organization, 5% of people have disabling hearing loss. For those that need them, we've included a written transcript for each podcast episode of Connect. The link to the episode transcript can be found underneath the episode show notes, or you can find them all here.

Your host, Beth Vaucher, is the founder of Inspiring Young Learners. She is an ESL certified homeroom teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching in the US and internationally. Her background of M.Ed in ESL and Curriculum and Instruction combined with her experience has led her to develop a bestselling newcomer curriculum that has sold in over 90 countries around the globe. She brings a different perspective to teaching ELLs from her years teaching and living abroad and working with ELLs from around the world. You will walk away from each episode with the ideas and tools you need to transform your experience as a teacher and cultivate a thriving and welcoming environment for your ELL students. 041b061a72


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