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[S1E20] Old Friends _VERIFIED_

And Max! Why the fuck would he ever think it's appropriate to talk to Rory about her personal life at school? Her grades aren't suffering, she's not suicidal, and she hasn't approached him for advice, so he needs to mind his own business. How does Lorelai miss the thousands of red flags Max consistently throws up over the course of their messy relationship? He is clearly DESPERATE for a relationship/pseudo-father role and it makes me sad. Get a dog, Max. Train for a marathon. Maybe read a long, boring book you haven't had time for in the past. Do literally anything that helps you stop being such a stage five clinger. Where are his friends? They need to grab him by the collar, throw some cold water into his face, and tell him to stop embarrassing himself.

[S1E20] Old Friends

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At the end of the episode, he makes Lorelai feel bad about not telling any of her friends that they're back together. It is uncharacteristic for Lorelai to not tell anyone about the relationship, but a normal person would probably take the hint and realize, "hey, she's just not that into me." A healthy person in Lorelai's position would (hopefully) be self-aware enough to think, "wow... I haven't told any of my friend I'm back with Max. Maybe it's because I don't really like him and don't see this lasting very long." But instead, Lorelai lies to Max and to herself. Max chooses to believe her because he's pathetic, but his antennae are up (which is why he proposes to her in the finale).

This episode makes me so angry that I don't even know if I have the stamina to discuss Luke and Lorelai. These two are in complete denial about their feelings for each other but pathetically transparent to everyone around them. I have close male friends but you know how many times I've gone clothes shopping for them? Zero. Because it's fucking weird! Especially if that male friend has a girlfriend. Rachel seems like a nice person and it's shitty of these two to continously lie to her about their feelings for each other. Her face when she walks into the diner and sees Lorelai dressing Luke crushes me. I've been there, gf. Take your beautiful hair and effortless coolness and get the heck out of Stars Hollow. You deserve better.

Natsu and Happy take Lucy fishing, in order to help clear her head so she can continue writing her novel. She questions the motive for fishing as Natsu winds up catching a big fish. He then uses his flames to grill it and eat it, much to Happy's frustration. Happy demanded the fish to be eaten raw, and after Natsu tells him to catch his own fish, he runs away, heartbroken, declaring that he and Natsu's friendship is over. Lucy tells Natsu that he should apologize to Happy and tells him to stop with the tough guy act, or else no girl will like him. Natsu gets angry and tells her to mind her own business and walks away.

As a new school day gets started at The Harbor School, Seth and Ryan discuss how Ryan's working on being friends with Marissa, and then we cut to Summer and Marissa having the same conversation. That eventually turns over to Summer and Seth's sex life, and then we flip back to Seth and Ryan having the same discussion. I feel like I'm changing channels on two different shows. Ryan's cell phone lights up, and it's Theresa! Yes, you and Ryan absolutely should hang out as friends after dinner. Just out of curiosity, though, why are you kicking that suitcase underneath the bed and why is Eric Balfour coming out of the shower and calling you 'baby?'

The foursome bump into each other in the hallway, but only for an awkward few seconds before Brad from the water polo team drags Summer off to talk about using her in a fundraiser kissing booth right in front of Seth and Ryan takes off running because he doesn't know how to act as friends with Marissa one on one. This is going well.

Over at the pool house, Marissa and Ryan hang out and play video games, but now it's time for Ryan to do some homework, and by homework, I mean hang out with Theresa who is out of work early. Buddy. Stop trying to juggle girls that you're claiming are just your friends. It's not going to end well.

Uncle Shaun took the liberty of letting himself into The Lighthouse for a meeting with Sandy. If that didn't give you an idea of what kind of character he is, Sandy explains it further: the guy pressing charges against Uncle Shaun just happens to be a lumber supplier who was in town to negotiate a contract with The Newport Group's biggest competitor and rival. What an amazing coincidence that Uncle Shaun accidentally wandered into his hotel room, where he might have lots of documents about his business dealings. Uncle Shaun tells Sandy that he's been friends with Caleb for a long, long time, and if he were to have to sit down with the DA, who knows what kind of stories he might end up telling.

Ryan and Theresa go for a walk on the beach and talk about how surreal Newport Beach is, and talk about Theresa's boyfriend Eddie who I don't remember hearing about back on Thanksgiving, but must be Eric Balfour. They also talk about how Ryan is struggling to be Marissa's friend, and how easy it is to be Theresa's friend. This is ironic, because they're both Ryan's ex-girlfriends.

The next morning, Eddie calls to talk to Ryan, but Seth "can't find" Ryan. Seth revels in the situation that Ryan finds himself in, but tells his foster brother that based on his own recent experiences, Ryan needs to avoid the love triangle. Ryan insists that he's not in one because he's friends with Marissa and Theresa, but Seth realizes that when you include Eddie, Ryan's actually in a love rhombus.

Stan goes to Atlantic City for the bachelor party of an old college friend and Roger stows away in Stan's suitcase. It turns out Stan's friend actually did not want Stan to come, leaving Stan and Roger to spend time together. After sneaking into the hotel's hot tub, a drunk Stan agrees to a sex-like probing ritual performed by best friends on Roger's planet to share memories.

Traveling by ferry from the holiday resort of Porta Vista to Maiden's Peak, Ash and his friends find out that they have arrived in time for the annual Summer Festival. After the group decides to go and enjoy the festival, Brock sees a beautiful girl with flowing purple hair and a red flower standing on a nearby pier. He immediately falls in love with her, but after being run over by a group of tourists, he notices that the girl has disappeared. Pikachu is the only one that seems to notice that the girl is actually a Gastly, whereas Ash and Misty don't seem to notice her at all.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket follows Ash and his friends to Maiden's Peak and they come up with the idea to look around for dropped coins; James gets distracted by the same girl that Brock saw before. As they leave to look for the coins, James takes a final look at the dock and notices that the girl is gone. During the festival, Ash and his friends meet an old woman, who warns Brock of a young girl who will "lead him to a cruel fate". After the old lady insults Misty, she decides that they should go somewhere else where they won't be insulted, and drags Ash and Brock with her. Meanwhile, while still looking for money, James is also warned by the old woman of the young girl.

Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket head for the Shrine of the Maiden, where they are shown its greatest treasure: a 2,000-year-old painting of the maiden. Brock and James both realize that the girl in the painting is the same girl they saw before. A man then tells the story of the maiden, who waited on the cliff for her lover to return from the war, and eventually turned into stone; Meowth formulates a plan to steal the painting. As night falls, Brock decides to stay at the cliff while Misty and Ash leave to enjoy the festival. Later on, Brock doesn't return to the Pokémon Center, which worries Ash. 041b061a72

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