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Learn the Bible with Apostolic Faith Sunday School Books

a wonderful resource for sunday school teachers. i have found many of my students are more engaged when they are asked to look up a bible passage on their own. i have developed a class where we are looking at the three moravians that were the first to join the church of england in america. the website is helpful as it gives us a timeline of the moravian history in north america. it has also given me a great resource for determining when to use the scriptures and when to use the moravian context to make our lessons more meaningful to our students.

Download Apostolic Faith Sunday School Bookl

this is a great resource! i am a sunday school teacher for my church and have been using these lessons for several years. i use them to teach children ages 5-8. the children enjoy them and i can find a lesson to fit their needs each week. the questions are thought provoking and give the children a chance to think about the lesson. they are easy to use and i would recommend this resource to all sunday school teachers.

this is a wonderful resource for sunday school teachers! it contains a wide variety of lesson plans designed to enrich your teaching. i use these lessons as a supplement for my sunday school. i find that the lessons work very well as my students enjoy the individual character studies and the opportunity to work at their own pace. i would recommend this resource to all sunday school teachers.

this website is a huge resource for sunday school teachers. the lesson ideas are so helpful and the quality of the lessons is outstanding. the stories that the children study help them to understand the bible more fully.

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