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Fallout 4 Backpack Creation Club

Updated April 27, 2022 by Erik Petrovich: The Skyrim Anniversary Edition Backpack creation, also available in Special Edition via the Creation Club, is one of the game's most useful. Some consider it game-breaking thanks to the amount of storage it gives, and some of the minor buffs can turn a good build into an overpowered one. Adventurers Backpacks are the only Skyrim backpacks, and there aren't any ways to increase carry weight in the base game aside from enchanting and potions. If you're tired of running back and forth from cities when your inventory fills up after each dungeon, consider getting one of these.

fallout 4 backpack creation club

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There are 16 types of Adventurer's Backpacks included with this creation, evenly split between standard backpacks and backpacks with additional special buffs and abilities. While each improves a player's carrying capacity by a huge 75 points (just over a 25% improvement on base stats), the Mage, Hunter, Thief, and eponymous Adventurer backpack offer something else.


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