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Keyshot Materials Download

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Keyshot Materials Download

Luxion is dedicated to providing the most accurate materials, environments, and colors for the most realistic appearances of your 3D renderings. Here you will find assets specifically for use within KeyShot through special partnerships with companies who provide the highest quality product.

Content InstallationAfter downloading, run the installer. The new resources will be added to your KeyShot Resource folder and visible in your KeyShot library. The new Aversis environments are located in the Indoor and Outdoor Environments folders. A new Poliigon folder will be added to your Materials folder. New Pantone colors will be added to other Pantone colors in the Colors tab.

For more than 50 years, MOLD-TECH has been the leader in texturizing with their state-of-the-art design studio developing thousands of unique texture patterns for every worldwide industry. In an exclusive partnership, those textures now come to KeyShot as material sets for a wide range of MOLD-TECH materials.

With over 50 materials to choose from, whether it's plastics, metals, textiles or rubbers, the Essential Keyshot Materials pack gives you a head start on bringing your creations to life, whilst also giving you the power to mix and customise each material to your liking. Download the booklet below to see everything included!

Most materials included in Essential Keyshot Materials comes with multiple variations. This could be a metal with different levels of scratches or smudges, a textile with varying patterns and colours, or a leather at different stages of its life. With over 130 variations of materials to choose from (and customise!) you'll have the ability to create beautiful, highly detailed renders in less than half the time.

Want to try before you buy? No problem! We've put together a sample pack of a few of our favourite materials, as well as our free companion booklet for you to take a closer look at all the high-resolution details built in to Essential Keyshot Materials. Click the button below to download!

- David Merz III. Looking to step your render game up? Tired of Keyshot's default materials not giving you the detail you need? Essential Keyshot Materials offers you a quick and easy solution with all the micro-details you're looking for.

David Merz IIILooking to step your render game up? Tired of Keyshot's default materials not giving you the detail you need? Essential Keyshot Materials offers you a quick and easy solution with all the micro-details you're looking for.

Let's take a look at what's included! The Essential Keyshot Materials pack includes so much more than just shaders. We've also included the shaderdisc and shaderballs created to showcase each of the stunning materials in this pack, the Keyshot scene files used to create the renders, as well as instructional videos on how to get the most out of your materials.

There are 50 high quality materials included in Essential Keyshot Materials, with over 130 different variations! This includes plastics, metals, rubbers, fabrics and leathers, all of which have been created referencing real-world materials most commonly used across industrial design. With knowledge of how to use the material graph, each material is completely customisable - and we highly encourage you to do so!

The Essential Keyshot Materials pack has been created with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, but with quality comes a certain amount of complexity. The vast majority of the materials in this pack will work with simple drag-and-drop functionality, but there are some materials that have very distinct patterns and properties that will require an additional amount of setup and tweaking. For these materials, instructional videos with Shaun, along with a general overview and introduction, have also been included. We highly recommend watching them to get the most out of Essential Keyshot Materials!

The pack has been created with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, but for those that want extra control, to customise materials, and mix and match textures, we've constructed them in a clean and methodical way to allow you to do just that! Although instructional videos are included, a good understanding of Keyshot's Material Graph is recommended.

It can be notoriously difficult to create materials that behave correctly across multiple lighting setups. That's why we've taken the time to painstakingly calibrate and fine-tune Essential Keyshot Materials to work across a wide range of lighting possibilities - so you don't have to!

Created with designers in mind, Essential Keyshot Materials prioritises the kinds of materials you may need to use on a daily basis, including speckled and translucent plastics, spun and extruded metals, leathers and fabrics commonly used in consumer electronics, and much more. This camera project, designed by Shaun Wellens, was created using solely Essential Keyshot Materials.

"Definitely the best presented materials pack I've come across. For advance users who know their way around a material graph, they'll be happy to see the level of control is still present and can tweak parameters if needed to match their desired look. For anyone looking to get a head start on visualizing a product without needing to construct the tedious yet commonly used materials, this is a no-brainer without sacrificing photo-realism."

By going to your personal library, and selecting Essential Keyshot Materials, you'll be sent directly to your Almond online portal. Here, you'll have access to all of your downloadable content - the materials, 3D models, Keyshot scene files, instructional videos and digital booklet. We highly recommend starting with the instructional videos to learn exactly how best to get started with the pack!

Essential Keyshot Materials was designed for intermediate-experienced users. However, the majority of the materials included in the pack have drag-and-drop functionality. Other materials, with very distinct patterns and properties, will require some additional setup - which will require you to have a good understanding of Keyshot's material graph. Instructional videos are included for this (but they are not 'Introduction to the Material Graph' tutorials.) To get the most from the pack, we also recommend customisation of the materials, which also requires an understanding of the material graph. TLDR: Yes, but we highly recommend learning how to use the material graph!

Each material is designed to work (as much as possible) straight out of the box as a drag-and-drop system. However, for a small number of materials, a certain amount of setup will be required, especially for those materials that have very distinct patterns and properties. To help you with this, instructional videos are supplied and can be found via your Almond portal alongside your Keyshot materials.

The materials included with Essential Keyshot Materials are compatible with most versions of Keyshot, although we recommend using at least Keyshot 9 to make use of all variations of materials, as well as the included Keyshot scene files.

No. Under no circumstances are you entitled to reproduce, duplicate, license, resell, redistribute or exploit access to any of the materials from the Essential Keyshot Materials pack - whether that be all materials or individual materials. Failure to adhere to these terms could unfortunately lead to a revoking of access to the materials pack and closure of your Almond account.

If you are an individual designer or artist, including students, hobbyists and professionals, then this license is for you. All materials are yours to keep and use on personal projects and commercial projects - forever!

We've put together a beautiful booklet showcasing all 50 (and over 130 variations!) Essential Keyshot Materials for you to browse. In here, you'll see all of the built-in surface details such as a multitude of finishes and patterns, scratches and smudges, grains and much more. Click the button below to download!


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