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Please read these terms carefully before using FireAlpaca ("freeware", or "service") provided by PGN Inc. ("us", "we", or "our"). If you use our service, you agree to all of the terms listed below. Your download of this freeware and use of the service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not download the service.

1.1.72 - Added /emailer command line switch for launching Emailer tool stand-alone Added ability to drag files onto Emailer tool 1.1.70 - Allow assembling PDFs that are partially secured (i.e. restricted) 1.1.68 - 'Hide Acrobat during printing' is now unchecked by default - this feature was causing too many problems 1.1.67 - Added Salesforce support (Additional Salesforce configuration in preferences, plus new xlat:sf translator type - the url is only xlat:sf (nothing after it) - the query is of the form ;; - for example: "Name;Contacts.records.FirstName;SELECT Account.Name, (SELECT Contact.FirstName, Contact.LastName FROM Account.Contacts) FROM Account" 1.1.65 - Bug fix: NullPointerException when a file that is part of an assembly is renamed without performing a refresh - error message now describes the issue and resolution (Tools->Refresh) 1.1.64 - Bug fix: Unparseable date: "" errors when using CV Publisher without Expiration Date filled in Bug fix: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Optional feature not implemented error when using CV Publisher with Expiration Date filled in 1.1.63 - Made Emailer Configuration Chooser and File System Auto Filer Configuration Chooser have a window title 1.1.62 - Added new command line option to Assemblage.exe to control the size of the heap that will be requested - /maxheap=### (where ### is the size of the desired heap in MB). The default is 768MB. If you want to allocated 2GB of heap (2GB = 2000 MB), you would use: assemblage.exe /maxheap=2000 - Note that the adaptive heap algorithm may decide to actually set the value to lower than you request - the actual value used is in the -Xmx value visible using /launcher_verbose There is also another command line argument that may be of use - this has been in the launcher for awhile, but not documented: - /launcher_verbose - this will display a summary of all of the options that are being used when setting up the java virtual machine (this also writes a text file with the same information to a file called launcher.txt in the current working directory (normally, this is the network Assembalge folder) 1.1.61 - Fix for "There is a problem with the 32 bit Java installation on this computer" error on computers with small amounts of RAM (i.e. 2GB or less) - New launcher that dynamically determines the maximum heap (memory) size that will be available to Assemblage - We try for 1 GB of heap space - if we don't get it, we then reduce the heap until we are successful - Note that it is possible for this error to occur for other reasons - in the new code, the error message has been adjusted to also display an error code - the (-4) error code indicates a memory related issue. Other error codes could be caused by other problems, including corrupted Java installations. 1.1.60 - Added support for Expiration Date to ClientView Publisher (published documents can now be set to expire on a certain date) 1.1.59 - Bug fix: AutoFiler would show "Warning - File already exists" immediately after auto-filing each PDF. 1.1.58 - In Edit Extractor dialog, if extractor returns no result, the result now displays as "## No Extractor Result ##" instead of just a blank 1.1.57 - Bug fix - introduced in 1.1.49 - NPE in CVPublisher if database preferences didn't contain the database named in the CVPublisher configuration 1.1.54 - Emailer and AutoFiler - If a send entry has validation Problems, and the user clicks Send anyway, we now error saying "See Problems" instead of allowing the underlying error (which is usually an NPE) to surface If there are multiple problems/warnings for a Send entry, we now add (hover for details) to the end so the user knows they can hover to get the details of the problems/warnings 1.1.53 - Extractor list now fills available vertical space in emailer and file system auto filer tools Bug fix - changes to extractor list weren't taking effect in emailer tool Bug fix - emailer tool was saving new configurations with afl file extension instead of .emailer 1.1.52 - Bug fix - NetDocs Publisher wasn't generating meta.csv file contents Added progress bar to NetDocs Publisher Bug fix - NetDocs Publisher wasn't displaying all column data immediately after loading a configuration 1.1.51 - Made default interface type be DEFAULT (this is the same as V2 for the time being - but it allows overriding with the /3 command line switch). There should be no impact on our deployment process from this change - you should continue setting the V3 interface in the preferences after installing the first time. Fixed bug - "Problem Last component must be non-null" error when launching Assemblage with V2 interface on workstaiton with Java 7 installed Better error message if translatorFromExtractor refers to an invalid extractor 1.1.50 - Add APX preferences screen for centralized APX configuration Adjusted APXRunner to use preferences instead of settings being hard coded 1.1.49 - Initial implementation of APXRunner for scripter to use Better error messages in Scripter output log Made CV Publisher so it will look up the Junxure URL value in the Database manager first. If that doesn't exist, it will evaluate the URL as a jdbc url 1.1.48 - Bug fix: Verbose output in scripter wasn't showing all debug messages 1.1.47 - dev only Adjusted NetDocs Publisher tool so it works with files instead of Assemblies - this adjustment has a breaking change that WILL break existing NetDocs Publisher configurations. We are changing the definition of the ID column to be the full path of the file instead of the assembly ID. Please coordinate updates with any sites that currently have the NetDocs publisher Added /ndpublisher command line argument to launch the ND Publisher 1.1.46 - dev only Tools->File System Auto Filer now opens the new auto-filer interface Dragging files from the file system to the new auto-filer list will add the files to the list for processing 1.1.45 - dev only Added 'Show Assemblies' right click menu to section list 1.1.44 - dev only Allow toggle enabled to work on multiple sections at a time 1.1.43 - dev only Single clicking on Sections no longer changes the main Assemblies list to focus on that section. You must now double click on a section to shift focus to it. I'm calling this the 'focused section' Focused section displays in bold and has "(showing assemblies)" after the section name - let me know if this should be changed Added Toggle Enabled right click menu to Section hierarchy view Section icon now grays out when the section is disabled via the Toggle operation Validation rules specific to a section are now removed when the section is disabled via the Toggle operation 1.1.42 - Added Firmwide.inf path to Axys settings. If specified, AxysRunner will use this as the firmwide.inf file instead of the one in the Axys root directory 1.1.40 - Adjusted sort behavior of tool entry list so errors sort above warnings (then we sort by the number of issues, which is what we did before), then we sort by the text of the issues Made list validation message list number of errors and warnings if there are both 1.1.39 - Bug fix: Print Manager displayed MISSING printers (resulting in Null printer exception if the user attempts to print to it) Bug fix: Capturing Printer Defaults Failed - SUCCESS_CloseAcro(0x83) Bug fix: Sorting columns in tool entry list causes NullPointerException 1.1.37 - New license manager behavior: - once the user puts in a new license for a given type (i.e. ASSEMBLAGEB), any old licenses for that license type will be removed from the license manager user interface automatically (prior to this, users had to type the Delete key to remove an old license). - expired licenses will be automatically removed from the user interface after they are 90 days past their expiration date - The user will now see a dialog warning that their license will expire in XX days 1.1.36 - Changes to the standard tool behavior: - Added edit mode toggling (for now, this just shows/hides the extractor list) - Added graphical progress bar - Added list validation message (gives a quick summary of the total # of errors or warnings in the list - displayed right above the Send button) - Added Refresh menu Auto filer: Added check if target file exists for each list entry (marks entry with a warning if it does) 1.1.35 - Added better error trapping to extractor editing dialog (should fix validation display issues seen during testing) Better error checking if config file specified on command line does not exist 1.1.34 - Bug fix: Right click/filter on section list when no section is selected shows NullPointerException error Updated default Workspace - added a blank metadata section to assemblies Changed Emailer to use new standard tool interface Changed File System Auto Filer to use new standard tool interface 1.1.33 - In main Assembler, Send To operations will apply to ALL assemblies if no assemblies are selected when the Send To command is invoked During install, we now log the version of installer to Trumpet-UpdateHistory.txt 1.1.32 - Fixed nullpointerexception in splitter when loading configurations that didn't have rectangle filters defined Improved Help->Check for Updates so it now lists production release and pre-release downloads (if appropriate) 1.1.31 - Changed wording in assemblage.exe error message that displays when the JVM couldn't be loaded to indicate that it should be 32 bit Java Bug fix - fix problem with "Colorspace not supported" and "Color depth not supported" warnings during splitting some PDF files 1.1.29 - Fixed problem with auto-filer copying huge files 1.1.28 - Better error messages if preview assemblying fails Better error message if an input PDF is corrupted 1.1.27 - Overhaul of Email configuration dialog, added support for TLS and SSL authentication types 1.1.26 - Added 'Hide Acrobat during printing' checkbox to Print tool - this means that we can truly do background printing and let the user continue working. This is enabled by default (printing will be done 'silently' by default), but you can change it back to the old behavior if needed for troubleshooting Acrobat will now be closed before and after running of print jobs 1.1.25 - Added Help->Check for updates menu - this will check for the latest production and prerelease versions and allow the user to download the latest one 1.1.24 - Bug fix: ERR_NOSUCHFILE when trying to print assemblies that contain double spaces in the name 1.1.23 - Bug fix - driver class in connection info wound up null in some scenarios 1.1.22 - Added replace(, , ) to column specification language 1.1.21 - Bug fix - null pointer exception in splitter (Embedded image with no resource dictionary defined) 1.1.20 - Bug fix - classcastexception when loading WDA files in V2 interface 1.1.19 - Changed field label in SQL add items wizard from 'URL' to 'DB Connection Name' Optimized handling of big PDF files (should be much faster now) 1.1.18 - Bug fix - errors resulting from XLS cells containing formulas caused xlat:xls translators to fail XLS Reader will no longer return "Error :xx" if an Excel cell has an error - it will just return blank 1.1.17 - Make SQL item source (in scripter) so it can work with database connections configured in preferences. For backwards compatibility if you specify a full SQL URL (jdbc:odbc:......) in the database connection field of the SQL Add Items dialog, it will still work, but certainly the preferred method moving forward is to use a named database connection. 1.1.15 - Bug fix - printer list showed multiple instances of the same printer with different case if the printer as mapped has different casing than it did when the printer configuration was originally set up. Printer lookup by name is now case insensitive. 1.1.14 - if translatorQuery isn't specified, it will be assumed to be "" Filenotfound error when saving settings will now contain the full path of the file (instead of the relative path)


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