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[EXCLUSIVE] JFacebook Connect

The desktop People app on Windows 8 will continue to work, but it will no longer receive updates from Facebook for connected accounts. As a result, the What's New and Notifications sections, contact information, and Live Tile notifications for Facebook contacts will no longer be updated with information from Facebook.

[EXCLUSIVE] JFacebook Connect

The Windows Live Essentials Calendar and Contacts functionality will continue to work, but it will no longer receive birthday event or contact updates from Facebook for connected accounts. As a result, birthday events or contact information for the Facebook contacts may become outdated.

Facebook continues to add more functionality to Marketplace as well, letting sellers connect payment processors like Shopify and BigCommerce to their Marketplace account.

If you have a custom domain connected to your Square Online site, you can use DNS verification to verify your domain for Facebook Shops. This is typically done by adding a TXT record to your DNS. Learn how to manage records for Square Online domains for more information on how to add a record to your DNS.

You can configure your bot to communicate with people through Facebook Messenger or Facebook Workplace. This article describes how to create a Facebook app using the Meta for Developers site, connect your bot to your Facebook app in Azure, and test your bot on Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram by Meta is available on all Shopify plans. Before you start using Facebook and Instagram by Meta, you need to set up a Facebook Business Manager that's connected to both your business's Facebook Page and an ad account that has an admin role for the Business Manager.

If you have a personal ad account, then you need to connect it to a Business Manager. If you've never run ads with your personal ad account, then you need to create a new ad account inside Business Manager before you can create Facebook ad campaigns. Learn more about Business Manager and ad accounts from the Facebook Ads Help Center.

After you set up a feature on Facebook and Instagram by Meta, the Facebook assets that you connect are already completed for the set up of additional features. Some additional assets, such as an Ad Account for Facebook Marketing, might be required to complete the set up of certain features.

If staff need to use Facebook and Instagram by Meta, then they need to connect to Facebook and Instagram by Meta in their Shopify admin, using their own Facebook account. The staff's Facebook account must have admin permission on the Business Manager and Facebook page associated with the Shopify store to be able to successfully connect to Facebook and Instagram by Meta.

When you set up Facebook and Instagram by Meta, you give Shopify permission to access a Facebook Page for your business, as well as a Facebook ad account and Business Manager. The Facebook Page connects to your personal Facebook account, but Shopify uses your personal Facebook account information only to access the Facebook Page, Ads Manager account, and Facebook Business Manager.

On Facebook, you need an admin role for a Page and Business Manager before you can access all of Facebook's settings and make certain changes. Pages and Business Managers have separate account permissions, which means that you need admin roles for each one. The Business Manager that you select in Facebook and Instagram by Meta must be the owner of the Facebook page during onboarding. If the Facebook Page is owned by a different Business Manager, then the Facebook Page isn't listed as an option to connect. If you can't connect a desired Facebook Page, then check that the Facebook Business Manager you are connecting owns the Facebook page, or try connecting a different Business Manager.

For example, a public or closed Facebook Group could be suitable for a community of your customers while a secret Facebook Group could be great for exclusive groups such as VIP customers or beta testers.

Open Facebook or Instagram and you're going to see changes. Social apps that have been primarily defined by the friends and family you choose to connect with are being revamped to feature more posts, especially video, from influencers, celebrities, and random strangers that go viral.

But under pressure from TikTok's success, the company that has been connecting people to their college classmates, friends, family, and others with shared interests for almost two decades is attempting to pivot to a new era of social media, where artificial intelligence-driven algorithms are increasingly shaping what users see.

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It allows you to easily connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics (both Universal Analytics and GA4), so you can view all the data that matters most right in your WordPress dashboard.

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