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Alpha Protocol Mods Nexus [PATCHED]

Deadlocked is a third person action adventure game with elements of shooting, platforming, and some vehicle mechanics in a single player, co-operative play, and online mode. In contrast to previous games, Clank does not feature as Ratchet's backpack, making the (fewer in number) platforming segments more basic, while puzzles are almost absent. Ratchet also has a smaller arsenal of weapons, though each weapon features far more customization options in the form of alpha and omega mods. There is less emphasis placed on exploration, though more vehicles feature than previous entries. The multiplayer battlefields and modes are heavily inspired by those that featured in the previous entry, Up Your Arsenal.

Alpha Protocol Mods Nexus

New to Deadlocked is the ability to select a difficulty, in which they can set the difficulty to Couch Potato (easiest), Contestant (easy), Gladiator (medium), Hero (hard) or Exterminator (hardest, and only available upon completing the game). After completing the main storyline, players can choose to warp back to before defeating the final boss to complete remaining side objectives, or to proceed to challenge mode. Challenge mode allows weapons to be further upgraded to level 99, and Nanotech to level 999, and more weapon, wrench, and bot upgrades to be purchased, as well as allowing access to alpha mods in the vendor.

Deadlocked features ten weapons total, none of which featured in previous entries. Each weapon provides distinct offensive or defensive utility, and can be purchased from Deadlocked vendors. The Dual Vipers and Magma Cannon are unlocked from the start. While the arsenal is much smaller than previous titles, each weapon can be upgraded to a much higher level, and the alpha and omega mods, which can be added and swapped out to the player's leisure, provide them with much more versatility.

While alpha mods simply augment the powers of the weapon (such as increasing its ammo, rate of fire, area of effect, knockback, or increasing bolts earned through using the weapon), the omega mods can fundamentally change the effects of the weapon. The more unique effects range from the Napalm Mod, which spawns pools of lava damaging enemies in an area, or the Brainwash Mod causing enemies to attack one another instead of Ratchet.

The gunplay and the weaponry, as well as the two combat bots, were broadly well received. IGN praised the fact that "mindless shooting isn't always the way to win" because "using the right combination of weapons against the right set of enemies in conjunction with the smart utilization of your two robot bodyguards makes a big difference", although they expressed disappointment at weapons from Up Your Arsenal such as the Rift Inducer not returning.[17] GameSpy claimed that the series "has always been about whacked-out and over-the-top gunplay, and Deadlocked is just the next logical step in its evolution".[16] GameSpot also praised how the alpha and omega mods make weapons "more effective and more stylish".[15]

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