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OnePlus Confirms It Won’t Have Project Treble On The OnePlus 5T, Here’s What That Means BEST

Some people just don't like the look of a notch, but for them I think OnePlus has a great solution in the settings, where you can turn the notch permanently black. Thanks to the deep blacks of the AMOLED display, this makes the notch nearly disappear, and you still have the time and status bar icons in your fake "bezel." The rounded display corners are even replicated below the black status bar, further selling the illusion that there's no notch at all. I'm still kind of torn on how I think a naked notch looks, but I think the all-black notch area with icons in the "bezel" looks great.

OnePlus confirms it won’t have Project Treble on the OnePlus 5T, here’s what that means

Really? I hadn't heard much about the 8 and bugs, probably because I'm using my pixel 6 right now and as I'm sure you know there was a ton of bugs for the 6 and 6 pro but I must have been extremely lucky because my experience with the pixel 6 was bug free and just great pretty much all around, I have no complaints. Hopefully by the time Android 12 reaches my T-Mobile variant of my OnePlus 8 most the bugs will be resolved hahaha! That made me laugh just typing it. When will a company, , clears throat, Google, just to name one lol stop pushing updates that clearly haven't been tested enough especially when they leave the final beta phase still completely broken and yet after basically no repairs they release the so called stable version which anyone that knows smartphones at all knows that's just the first wide open public beta, it's never stable enough for me to consider the messes they've released to be called stable, but the faster it's out the more other items, get pushed, also too early so they never lose site of that bottom line. Oh it's just sad really. But oh so true.

Carriers have little to no direct control in the development of the updates. However, they're the ones that put the requirements in place of which customizations/settings, extra apps, telemetry, restrictions, testing, etc, that the oems have to develop and implement, and the more they add or require, the longer you can expect the updates to take. If they didn't have additional requirements, it'd just be the unlocked version and there's be little delay (save time for testing/verification). So while they have little control, their extra requirements can still be a significant source of delays imo.

This pair has dual-device capability, which means people who switch between devices regularly can stay connected to both devices simultaneously without having to muck about in Bluetooth settings. Your calls will be clear too, thanks to the six-microphone array that picks up your voice and helps to reduce background and wind noise. One slight quibble is that, during calls, this pair lacks adequate sidetone (when you hear a bit of your own voice in the earbuds as you talk), which for some people may cause an urge to speak louder than is necessary. If that bothers you, we recommend considering the Soundcore Space A40 or Beats Fit Pro, both of which have a greater amount of amplified sidetone.

As convenient as wireless earbuds can be, wired models are the more sustainable option. Wireless earbuds and headphones that can work with an optional cable have lifespans that extend beyond the life of the battery. While a dead battery means power-based features like voice control and active noise cancellation will cease to function, at least the headphones themselves can still be useful. Corded listening is more common in over-ear headphones than wireless earbuds.

Sony LinkBuds: The bass is nonexistent on these unsealed earbuds. If the bass were better or the cost lower, we might have recommended these as an option for outdoor exercise, but there are other options in our running headphone guide that perform better in that capacity. However, this unique true wireless pair excels as an accessibility tool for people who use audio to assist in navigation. Voice reproduction is clear, the open design allows for unencumbered situational awareness, and the inclusion of Microsoft Soundscape in combination with gyroscopic sensors enables the wearer to look around and receive voice guidance that adapts to head movement. We tried it out in suburban Los Angeles and were impressed by the accuracy.


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