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He saw me. I saw him. And it was as dramatic a moment as you would imagine. We were never sentimental, we were never gushy - I don't think we ever had a gushy moment together ... we're both too Irish and wise-cracky for that ... but it was full. A full moment of greeting after a long long time apart.

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I think Brick is one of Williams' best male creations. He's up there with Stanley, in my opinion. And in a way, he's more ... haunting. Because Stanley just does what he does, and feels very little shame about it - even when he does feel shame, it's more of a manipulative thing, to get back in good with his wife. He has no TRUE sense of shame. Or sin. And a sense of shame and sin is ALL that Brick has. And so he is a man in torment. What a tragic character. I know a guy like Brick. He was one of my dearest old flames. And ... sometimes I think about him and just shake my head. Not in judgment, but in sadness. How can someone commit to drinking like that? As a full-time job? What is it within them? In Brick it is self-disgust. Loathing at his own buried (and unadmitted to himself) homosexuality. The way Williams presents Brick to us is genius. We only know about who Brick used to be through inference and exposition. We hear that he was a college football star. That he was the golden boy of the town. That he was a professional football player for only one season ... that he became a sportscaster for one year ... and then ... something happened. An event. And after that he began to drink himself to death. The depiction of alcoholism that Williams gives us in Brick is so chilling - it's not your typical lush-y drunk, there's no stereotype in it. Brick gets vague, dreamy, and yet at the same time - completely committed to alcohol. It is his only concern. He says that he has to drink until he feels "the click" - and after he feels "the click" - he can get calm and peaceful. And Brick is so matter of fact about it. Maggie, his wife, is trying to talk to him, or argue with him, and he'll down another drink, and get a baffled expression on his face and say, "I should be feeling the click by now ..." It's tragic.

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