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Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev


there is a second pdf pdf characher. it's called flash. they can embed pdf fonts in a flash object and you can download that flash object directly. this tool is not free (flash is a huge eye-sore). however, you can get a free flash player from adobe.


  • this extension features a blank signature field on your address book by default and thats all you require to start signnow. no internet is required. just download the extension and install it. it features the following: generate a pdf document that includes an electronic signature

  • capture and save your signatures as.pdf files

  • block the bottom of emails with a signature

  • update your email signatures when you change your address book

  • sync signature data to your google account

  • remember the url of every signed document

all documents produced by the extension will be automatically saved in a secure vault. the vault stores your signatures for future use and lets you print and sign documents at your convenience. click the button below to try it out.

spend your time focusing on meaningful work and let us (the signnow team) do the rest. with a click of a button, you can sign documents, payments, and other types of documents. you can even share links to the signatures directly to your mail and/or contacts.

signnow is the most simple and efficient way to sign and copy and paste signatures. signnow app is compatible with all desktop, mobile and tablet devices as well as most desktop operating systems (windows, mac os x, linux).

the signnow extension lets you quickly customize your signature. change the font, font size, color and alignment. you can also specify the number of times you can repeat yourself throughout the page, or use a different signature position on every document.


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