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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

The next morning, Julie, Karla, Karla's boyfriend, Tyrell Martin, and their friend, Will Benson, depart for the trip. The group arrives at the hotel in Tower Bay and checks in. That evening at the hotel's bar, Julie is singing karaoke when the words "I still know what you did last summer" roll onto the screen. Terrified, she runs back to her room. At the dock, Darick, the dockhand, is tying up the boat. He is killed by Ben. Olga, the housekeeper, finds bloody sheets while working and is then killed by Ben. While the others get into the hot tub, Julie is in her room and notices that her toothbrush is missing. She searches her room before finding Darick dead in the closet. She finds her friends and they return to find no sign of Darick's body; Mr. Brooks, the hotel manager, refuses to believe her story. By the pool, Titus Telesco is murdered. Ray, who has survived his injuries, heads out to rescue Julie.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

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The movie stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie, survivor of the original "I Know What You Did Last Summer," as a college student haunted by nightmares of what she did, in fact, the summer before last (last summer was actually the summer when the slasher knew what she did the previous summer, if you follow me). The R&B star Brandy plays her roommate Karla.

Together with their dates Will (Matthew Settle) and Tyrell (Mekhi Phifer), they go to the Bahamas after winning a radio contest by incorrectly naming Rio de Janeiro as the capital of Brazil. It wouldn't have helped to know that the correct answer is Brasilia, since they could have answered Schaumburg and still won: The contest is a hoax by the Fisherman, a spectral presence who dresses like the Gorton's Fisherman and impales his victims with fishhooks. He wants to get them to the Bahamas for the obvious reason that the plot requires a seaside setting (the Fisherman would look oddly dressed anywhere else, and indeed one wonders how many victims he will have to claim before an all points bulletin is put out for a guy in a slicker with a fishhook).

Despite the teenage star power of Jennifer Love Hewitt (who also had a song on the soundtrack) and Brandy (who did not), the juvenile horror film I Still Know What You Did Last Summer fell far short of its predecessor, I Know What You Did Last Summer, at the box office. The soundtrack album had much less to live up to, since the last Last Summer CD had only spent a handful of weeks in the bottom half of the chart. But even so, it failed, not charting at all. The disappointment of the film probably contributed to that, but so did the selection on yet another various artists album masquerading as a soundtrack album, its most striking tracks, Orgy's inferior cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" and Grant Lee Buffalo's "Testimony," culled from their most recent albums, and the new material led by Hewitt's "How Do I Deal," a typical slice of teen angst. The album was the first release on producer David Foster's 143 Records imprint, and it suggested that Foster, who is more at home in the adult contemporary market, has a lot to learn about what teens and twentysomethings want to hear.

While the I Know What You Did Last Summer TV show isn't great, the original movie is known for being incredibly cheesy and that's definitely what makes it so appealing. And although the sequel isn't generally beloved and it never comes up in discussions of the most critically acclaimed or most interesting horror movies, fans of the genre can still find some things to appreciate about it. First of all, the cast of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is great. Fans of the first movie get to see Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prince Jr.'s characters still in a serious relationship, and other famous faces include Brandy and Jack Black. Just like Johnny Galecki has a brief appearance in the first movie and then is brutally murdered, Black's character Titus works at the resort and meets a grisly end as he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gossip Girl fans will also enjoy watching Matthew Settle play Julie's pal.

As soon as the horror sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer was announced, the head-scratching commenced. Shouldn't it be "I Still Know What You Did Two Summers Ago," movie watchers wondered? It does of course make a clumsy kind of sense that Ben Willis (Muse Watson), the serial slasher in the rain slicker, armed with a hook, still knows what heroine Julie James did the previous summer (just as one year ago he knew what she did the summer before that). Or, taken another way, the phrase means Ben still hasn't forgotten what took place last summer (why would he?), when Julie spectacularly escaped his murderous clutches. So take that, grammar hounds. He still knows what she she did last summer. Whatever.

That's the long way around to pointing out that it's not so much the title that's the problem with I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. No, the problems are the wearyingly nonsensical plot and the inane script that lays it out. Now a college student, Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is barely hanging on to her long-distance relationship with Ray (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), who still lives where he lived last summer. That'd be in the small fishing town where, two years earlier, their group of friends covered up a hit and run car accident. Julie remains plagued by fear, guilt, nightmares, and paranoid visions, but when her roommate Karla (Brandy Norwood) wins an all-expenses paid trip for four to the Bahamas, she reluctantly agrees to live a little.

This sequel picks up a year after the events of the last film. Julie has tried to move on with her life & is attending school in a different city now. However she still suffers bad dreams & is clearly struggling to cope with the murders of her friends by the vengeful fisherman, Ben Willis.

Phillippe spoke with ET ahead of the Super Bowl about possibly appearing in the I Know What You Did Last Summer sequel, revealing that he hasn't been approached about reprising his role. "Someone mentioned this to me. I don't even know what you're talking about," he admitted. "I don't even know about it." (Last August, Phillippe shared in a separate interview with ET that he had reconnected with Gellar at Cruel Intentions co-star Selma Blair's birthday party.)

But over Memorial Dayweekend, that monster film that was hyped since the beginning of time,Godzilla,attacked multiplexes from coast-to-coast bringing in grosses that couldnot meet the industry's inflated expectations. Regarded as one of the biggestmovies of the summer, the giant lizard couldn't even break the top fivelist of summer box office champs and ended its domestic run with $136.2M.The important lesson that Hollywood learned was that there was such a thingas overselling a movie. But worldwide, Godzillahas chomped on over $375M so it should be profitable for Sony in the end.The studio did see strong results from its other summer player, TheMask of Zorro, which whipped up $94M.Possible sequels have been mentioned for both Zorroand Godzillaso this may not be the last we've seen of these beasts. 041b061a72


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