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Fish World Facebook Fish Bucks Cheats

The first of its kind aquarium game and playable on Facebook. At its peak, FishWorld was played by millions of unique users and continues to perform well on Facebook. FishWorld lets you raise, feed, and breed your own virtual fish to fill your aquarium with beautiful and fascinating sea life. Watch as your fish grow and school together, earn virtual currency through quests and achievements, and decorate your tanks in your own style!

Fish World Facebook Fish Bucks Cheats

Fish Farm 3 uses two currencies: Coins and Fish-$ (premium currency).Some fish and decoration items require Fish-$ to be bought or rewarded.In the Exchange, you can exchange Fish-$ into Coins. By activating the Exchange Add-On via in-app purchase, you can exchange Coins into Fish-$. The exchange rate is 1 Fish-$ to 10 Coins.When selling fish or items, you will always receive Coins (even if you paid Fish-$).To earn Coins, you should sell adult fish only.

Levelling up works by gaining Experience (XP). The main way to gain XP, and thus to level up, is to buy, breed, or sell fish.Feeding fish and keeping adult fish generates small amounts of XP as well.XP for keeping fish is generated very slowly, in particular if there are only a few creatures in the tank. This XP is only generated for adult, healthy and well-fed fish.We show the Collect XP button only if a certain amount of XP is accumulated. Depending on your style of playing it can take hours or days or even more until the button appears.If you sell your adults instantly you never get this kind of XP. However, the XP generated for selling your adults was much higher.

You can buy fish, decoration, background, gravel, tanks, and aquarium equipment in the Shop.Items can be purchased for Coins or Fish-$ (premium items).On the left, items can be filtered by aquarium kind. On the right, the item type can be selected.Items will be locked if they require a higher level in order to be purchased (the level is shown in the yellow star).The information window for each item shows further item details.For plants, you can choose to buy a seedling or a fully-grown plant. A seedling will grow up within 12 hours. All plants look different, the shown image is just an example.

Unneeded items can be put into Storage for later use.Generally, all items that can be bought in the Shop except tanks can be put into storage. To store fish, some Skill needs to be activated. To increase the storage capacity, activate the respective Skills.On the left, stored items can be filtered by aquarium kind. On the right, you can filter by item type. If nothing is selected, all items will be shown.The information window for each stored item shows further item details.To remove stored items, simply sell them.

By activating Skills, you receive various benefits while playing, for example, you can zoom into your aquariums or place more fish in your aquariums.You need Skill Points (shown in the pink stars) to activate Skills. Skills Points are awarded for levelling up and can be bought via in-app purchase.Skills might have different levels, for example, allowing you to place more and more fish in your tanks with each Skill level. The text for each Skill describes what you receive when unlocking the Skill or the next Skill level.Activating a Skill might required one or more Skill Points, the amount is shown above the plus button.Here is an overview of all Skills:Aquariums

While playing, you will earn achievements for progressing in the game. You receive rewards for each achievement you master.Achievements might have different levels, for example, for breeding different amounts of fish. The text for an Achievement shows what needs to be done to earn the Achievement or the next Achievement level. An indicator might also show your progress.Achievements are connected to the App-Store-depended Achievement infrastructure (Game Center, Google Play Games, or GameCircle).You can also take a look at the App-Store-depended Leaderboards here.

Here you can access all gifts you have received from your friends. You can place these gifts in your aquariums.Gifts are delivered to you when you freshly start Fish Farm 3, and in certain time intervals afterwards. So, keep in mind that it might take some time until new gifts appear in your gift list.Gifts you have received cannot be sold. If you do not have friends that send you gift fish, you can catch them in the Catch Game.

Shallow Runs allows you to collect Coins, Fish-$ and XP with your fish.Each fish can play once every hour. All healthy fish are available to play.You have a limited time to collect loot. The higher the level of the fish, the more loot you can find.If playing with a premium fish (that is, a fish that cost Fish-$), there is a small chance to find Fish-$ while playing.You can activate some Skills to increase the playing time.

The Catch Game lets you catch saltwater and freshwater fish.You can catch one free fish every 12 hours. You can activate some Skills to decrease the time between free catches.Catching fish for money (that is, not for free) is still a good deal. You can sell them instantly, and usually earn some Coins and gain XP. Furthermore, you can catch gift fish, which are not available in the ordinary Shop.Once a fish has surfaced, use the pinch gesture to catch it. In the Windows version, you need to encircle the fish. The following video shows the successful catching of fish if you cannot work it out yourself.

In the Chores section, you can automate feeding and the change of water. You can schedule actions for up to one week. Scheduling will cost some in-game currency. Actions can also be unscheduled, leading to a refund.The screen also gives you an overview what has to be done in your aquariums in the near future.Scheduling chores can be helpful to keep your fish healthy if you cannot take care of them regularly.For your convenience, you can deactivate the purchases Auto-Doctor, the Auto-Feeder, and the Auto-Cleaner Add-Ons from this window, for example, to feed your fish manually.Keep in mind that the Chores module is not as smart as you are. It will feed your fish even if they became sick in your absence or you fed them manually.Keep in mind that your aquariums need a non-negative Health value to keep your fish healthy.

Fish Farm 3 stores your progress on your device only. To be prepared for device failures, please backup your game progress to the Cloud from time to time. The backup infrastructure we use depends on your app version (iOS, Google Play, Amazon, or Windows).Simply enable the auto-backup feature to have your progress attempted to be backed up automatically from time to time (all 15 minutes). If the backup fails various times in a row, you will be notified. Please note that auto-backup is initially disabled after restoring a previously backed-up game (to avoid you accidentally overwriting your latest backup).Please note that after restoring your progress, your fish will not have been fed since the time you backed up your progress! For example, when restoring after one week, the result will be the same as having left your aquariums untouched for a week.You can also disable Fish Shadows in the Settings. This might help on low-end devices if your game is lagging due to the computationally-complex 3D graphics. You can also disable reflections for shiny fish in the Settings.In case of problems, please open a Support Case and tell us about your issue in the e-mail that will open up. Please do not delete or alter the game-related information we have already filled in: we might not be able to help you otherwise.Fish Farm 3 supports a selection of languages. You can change the language setting here. The initial language is chosen based on your device language. Please note that all languages except English, German, French, and Thai are machine-translated (marked by a robot) only. If you want to have your language in the game, please contact us with your offer to help!In case there are graphic errors in your thumbnails, your fish or deco items, try using the Recompute Thumbnails button, which will recalculate some graphics.If you want to start a new game, tap the respective button. This will remove all your progress, including in-app purchases. You can restore your Add-Ons though after starting new.To have a better view of your fish tank, you can disable the shortcuts shown in the HUD (Head-up Display). As advanced player, you can also disable the (black) to-do list shown at the top of the HUD.

This window lets you access all details about a fish. You can change the name, check the fish size, check if a fish needs to be fed, check the Health value, and see when a fish is ready for mating. Use the arrows to access this information for other fish of the same aquarium.Under the fish icon, near the option to sell a fish, you will see the sales price. The heart lets you start breeding, the brush lets you recolor your fish. To instantly grow a fish (or let an egg hatch), use the instant grow button. Furthermore, you can move your fish to another aquarium or into storage. To play Shallow Run, use the Play button.The (i) symbol brings up additional information for cross-bred fish, or links to some external information about your fish.If your fish is sick, you can see this in this window and cure your fish by visiting the doctor.If your fish was recolored, this will be indicated in this window. Please remember that collection fish always need non-recolored parents.Your fish will grow and hatch much faster when you actively play Fish Farm 3, that is, when the app is open and in foreground (time leap function). The time to adult / time to hatch shown here is the normal time when not playing. If you click on the clock symbol next to the time, you will see the time left while playing Fish Farm 3 (i.e., while using the time leap).


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