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Silas Carter
Silas Carter

Les Mills: SH\\\\\\\\'BAM 10 - Master Class (2012)

Amy is originally from Fayetteville, GA. She came to Rome by attending Shorter College from 2001-2005. Amy graduated with a Communication Leadership degree and little did she know that she would choose to stay in Rome, find work here, and marry her college sweetheart Josh who is a police officer. Amy was first introduced to the Les Mills Group Fitness Classes one summer in college and fell in love immediately. She went on to become certified in BodyPump in August of 2007. Growing up, Amy had a huge fear of public speaking and did not like any attention focused on her. Teaching classes came as a shock to some that know her. Somehow this is different, Amy loves the feeling of helping people achieve their fitness goals and watching people build confidence in themselves as they find themselves getting healthier and stronger. Amy's second certification came in April of 2008 with BodyJam and it became another favorite program. For Amy there is nothing quite like the feeling of dancing and just letting yourself go, and watching others go to that same place. Her third certification came in October 2011 for Sh'bam, another Les Mills dance class!! She now currently teaches BodyPump and BodyJam at Velocity loves every minute of it. Group Fitness is a huge part of Amy's life and she is so thankful that God has blessed her with the health and ability to help lead others achieve what they thought would never be possible. Amy is currently on maternity leave from teaching expecting her first child, a baby girl, in September 2017.

Les Mills: SH\\\\\\\\'BAM 10 - Master Class (2012)

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Language and literacy development is a major focus of instruction in prekindergarten and K-3 classrooms, and the instructional strategies used by teachers are both more formal and more sophisticated than those used in early childhood classrooms. Duke and Block (2012) have noted that in primary grade classrooms, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and conceptual and content knowledge are not adequately emphasized. The practices that would enhance early reading skills are embedded in children's social experiences with educators and peers in the classroom. They involve children interacting with partners throughout reading activity, and teachers explaining and discussing vocabulary terms and encouraging children to make personal connections with the concepts in the text.

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