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Nestor Guriev
Nestor Guriev

HD Online Player (r Kelly Trapped In The Closet _HOT_ Full M)

ulaby: there was one moment fans realized r. kelly could really sing. he's on stage with a cast of characters, like a preacher, a black doctor, a stewardess, a hairdresser and a side of beef. they're all preparing for an impromptu wedding, complete with a mass-produced cake. the bride and groom are playing house, but r. kelly's in a tuxedo. he's singing the wedding march. the audience goes wild. i said to r. kelly, are you singing that? he said, yeah, i'm getting married, have a good time. and the audience went wild.

HD Online Player (r kelly trapped in the closet full m)

ulaby: at that point, r. kelly made clear, this isn't a fashion show or a wedding video. this is trapped in the closet, and it's not going to stop. in fact, the way r. kelly positions his characters, you'll notice they're all wide-eyed, confused, self-conscious. that's the opposite of the way he looks. he's the cool kid in the room, and the audience knows it. that's what makes this unlike most music videos. it's filled with real urban grit. r. kelly wants us to watch this and feel uncomfortable about our own sexuality. this isn't a fantasy, this is a cautionary tale. it's a man taking away the perfect woman and giving her to someone who's far from perfect. and r. kelly, that's the whole point. and if that's not disturbing enough, trapped in the closet rewinds and shows us how the perfect woman ends up with the wrong guy.

in the film, the show goes on, with r. kelly singing, growling, and in full-on disco mode, mocking the groom. but this isn't a show. this is theater. and this is r. kelly's last word on love and monogamy. the last part is the most theatrical. he loses it when the bride says she's pregnant. r. kelly tries to excuse himself, but the groom says he's pregnant too. the wedding is called off. the groom says r. kelly needs to find another man.


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