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Lucas Howard
Lucas Howard

New! Chessbase Mega Database 2012 Free Free Download

the final option is to use chessbase 12 to work on your project. you would set up the database and do your work there. then you would copy the files from issue #920 into chessbase 12 and add them from there. once you've added the last game, you can work in chessbase 12 on your project.

New! Chessbase Mega Database 2012 Free Download

Download File:

if your budget is a little tighter, you can use chessbase deluxe to add the games you need. it includes all of chessbase 12, plus a few extras. if you have chessbase 12 deluxe, you can start with the database there and add to it as needed. if you have chessbase 12 mega database, you can use it to add the games you need from there. you'll have to pay the $49.99 annual fee to do so, but that fee gives you unlimited access to chessbase 12 deluxe, plus all of the new features in chessbase mega database 2012.

if youre a tournament player and you want to keep up with recent tournament games, the mega database 2012 is an outstanding resource. the mega database includes the games and moves of each player in each game. every day, hundreds of new games are added to the database. for tournament players, this is a must-have tool.

each week, we add about 5,000 new games to the mega database. these are provided free of charge as a mega update service and are automatically updated in your chessbase database. for more information on how to purchase your mega update, click here.

the mega database 2013 contains over 8.3 million games, including the weekly mega update service. a chess database should never become obsolete. the mega database 2013 will not become obsolete, you can update your database every week to be up to date.


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