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Nestor Guriev
Nestor Guriev

PhotoPRINT SERVER-PRO 10.rar: A Complete Guide to Print and Cut Workflow

If you use a network printer, install a printer driver that's compatible with your operating system. Print servers don't always provide drivers for operating systems running on client computers. So, you could be using a printer driver that's appropriate for the print server's operating system but not for your computer's operating system.


Now that you say that, it rings a bell. I'm not clear on the precise differences, as the regular Pro-100 has wifi and is readily networkable (we have one at work, connected by Ethernet to the same server that handles all the other shared printers). But the 100S and 10S reportedly have some further capability in this regard. But where the S models called Mark II anywhere? The Pro 9000 and Pro 9500 had Mark II versions, but not, AFAIK, the Pro-100 and Pro-10. But then it was relatively recently when I found out the Pro-1000 is called the Pro-500 in some Asian markets.


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